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'Vanity' Direct die results before and after 9900k

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  • 'Vanity' Direct die results before and after 9900k

    Hello, I decided to share my findings with this small community, perhaps it might entice others to join and partake in this community. (although this was posted on reddit awhile back) =P

    Basically mini thoughts on the Rockit Cool direct die mount for the i9 chips.
    It's good, get it, no need to nail polish or worry about exposed contacts on the chip.

    'Vanity' Direct die results before and after 9900k


    HWL GTX 420
    HWL GTX 360
    HWL GTS 360

    Fan curves remained the same for testing for each test and before and after. (Corsair ml120 and 140 @ < 30% RPM)
    Ambient of 24-24.5C
    *silicon lightly lapped to remove some surface marring followed by polish and an IPA wipe down

    5.2 @ ~ 1.337 vcore load *stability confirmed

    Prime95 Small FFT 1hour. CPU Package

    Before: 84C
    After: 77C

    5.3 @ ~ 1.418 vcore load *stability not confirmed

    Prime95 Small FFT 1hour. CPU Package

    Before: 98C
    After: 84C

    Looped 1 hour of Final Fantasy XV benchmark using the 5.2 OC for a real use scenario... 5.3 was unstable and dismissed for this test
    GPU Temp Caps at 50C (confirmed with furmark) with a water temp Cap of 38C (water up 2C from the cpu testing) Keep in mind gpu dumps quite a bit of heat into the loop.

    CPU Package

    Before: 74C
    After 71C

    -Narrower diameter tubing used with the delid (switched to glass tubing)
    -Mounting pressure, No fear when cranking down the stock IHS, as for the direct die, I held back a bit... Maybe i'll try tightening down 1/4 - 1/2 turn more with the delid. Or YOLO full turn?
    -Conductonaught application margin of error.
    -After testing was done right after filling the loop, some air pockets may exist somewhere within the 3 rads I got. (although likely negligible to make an impact)

    ***after cranking down the cold plate till i couldn't crank no more, the 5.2 after temps dropped roughly 2C,

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    drunknfoo what did you use to delid? I actually want to do a similar thing but that part really scares the shit outta me. I was thinking of getting a pre-delided one from Silicone Lottery but their extra charge and shipping is kinda killer to Canada.


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      Rockit delid tool. Very basic n simple and literally idiot proof.

      U could use a vice and a rubber mallot, i did on a cheap i3 for my htpc and ya that was scary


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        Thank you for sharing. Interesting to see what delta you get for projectlike this.
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          Originally posted by DazMode View Post
          Thank you for sharing. Interesting to see what delta you get for projectlike this.
          My pleasure! The various sample tests I documented for the high and low range is to help those that might consider or want to get into direct die modding and to keep expectations somewhat realistic... As we all know, most results are sometimes over blown or given with very little information.... Although my voltages used are probably higher than the average user (as most settle for 5.0 or less) at least readers can compare my choice of low RPM / high temp readouts, which can be related to a lower voltaged + max fan RPM readout for an AIO (give or take) =D