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    Good day all,

    Since there isn't much here about Dazmode's own Darkside fitting I thought I would post my sorta review and thoughts after returning to the DYI custom cooler world and jumping right in to Acrylic hard tubing.

    So I have thread in the off topic lounge if anyone wants to see my progress and system to put this into perspective, added link to post.

    So it has been near 20 years since I have first delved into custom DYI cooling, back then it was a different world (though I think many would be amazed at just how little the tech has changed really) and like most I used soft tubing. So this time around I wanted to go big, and delve right into Acrylic over PETG.

    When I started to map out my build and I quickly realized what most here already knew, fittings were going to nickle and dime me to death, and in the end, oh boy did they ever. Now as I did my research it is no secret Bitspower sits upon the top of the heap for reputation of great fittings. SO I seriously priced out them and Corsair (same really as Corsair sources from BP). Now I always knew i would be buying from Dazmode for most of my WC parts, so when I stumbled upon Darkside products I was intrigued, they were really well priced, but almost no info. And most of all they did not have branding tramp stamped all over them. I read forums did searches read the few reviews here and it was really seemingly like "jump and see if any rocks are hiding just below the surface".

    SO in the end I decided that Dazzie probably knows his stuff and they would be decent fittings. So I jumped.....And yes they are.

    The fittings are triple O-Ring, 2 inner and one compression, and I think all tube fittings I bought had an extra O-Ring included, what a serious bonus! I even tore one so that was really nice.
    The quality of the fittings from my experience were great, selection great (went with 12mm OD).
    Only leak I had was my own fault after using a 90d triple rotary connected to a 45d double rotary I did not recheck my fittings, seems you should re tighten them after so much playing around
    I bought straight, 45s, 90s, G1/4 spacers, in both white and black, and the finish was for the most part really good.

    Now nothing is perfect. Some of the G1/4 spacer fittings paint is not as nice a finish the rest of the fittings I bought, they were a "duller" white, not real noticeable on their own, but I have a 20mm and a 5mm together and it is pretty apparent unfortunately. Not sure if age or QC was the issue, but they are not the same shade of white.

    Over all I am very pleased with the fittings, I had no issues with the Bitspower CrystalLink acrylic 12mm OD tubing with the fittings, everything came together as expected.
    I also saved a considerable amount of money on my overall fittings cost, and when you hit the $4300 system build cost, every dollar saved helps reduce the heart palpitations.
    There was a post regarding tube/fitting fitment, but I ran into none with my build and experience.

    So I can give Darkside hard tube 12mm OD fittings a hardy recommendation! I don't think dollar for dollar they can be beat.
    Good day everyone! New member here embarking on my first serious WC build in a very long time. I also just made my first and second purchase from Dazmode, and so far the experience has been great. My second order in is transit as we speak. Bit about me: I am approaching the big 50, started my love for computers with my

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    Nice write up.
    I use strictly Darkside fittings in my builds unless I am re-using a fitting from an older build.
    Bang for the buck Darkside fittings are hands down the best option.
    I've never had a problem with fitment using these fittings.
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      Thank you for sharing! If you have a minute It will be awesome to get your favourites rated in the store to help others!
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        Awesome review! I just recently started using Darkside fittings and I'm surprised at how good the quality is especially on the angled fittings no leaking.
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          Little update, my system is still going strong and still with all fittings being Darkside!
          • I have updated the CPU block, was not happy with Heatkiller on my 3900X and the new EKWB special edition has dropped temps by 7deg under extreme load.
          • I have replaced my corsair pump/res combo for a Heatkiller glass tube res and a EKWB pump, prefer the look, but it was much more expensive.
          • Also after 14 months my EK blood red coolant(pre mix) showed no signs of clotting or blotting, still as clean as the day I poured it in. No need to disassemble and clean blocks.
          I have to say I am still very impressed with the Darkside fittings. Not a single leak, or issue with them now in my build. As long as Dazzie keeps them around they will be my choice for fittings.

          I will likely update my original post with the new look after my Christmas maint window hopefully with a Video card replacement my VEGA64 is starting to show age.. Already have started ordering parts for the hard to find in stock items (*cough* looking at you barrow temp/flow meter).

          Anyhow this is also a bump for Dazmode!