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Acrylic bending table

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  • Acrylic bending table

    hi everyone

    I thinking about make a abrylic bending table

    its very cheap and easy to do

    I know JPmodified maybe will have one shortly but I think it will cost high in shipping from his home
    and after did some research, saw it very simple to do and this way, no need to bug JP with that

    I think it maybe interest some other modders on the forum

    and why not make a group buy/build of this bending table

    im starting the thread if everyone is interested or have any idea , its the place

    but maybe put a deadline for ordering stuff because we need it this year hahaha maybe end of February or end of March, let you decide

    and why not think big, I don't see any who sell a cheap version, why not sell it locally (North America) and give profit to any charity?
    my goal is not making money, just make my modding easier

    anyway lets go

    parts list

    20g nichrome wire (resistant wire) (length depend on size of table)
    aluminium "u" 1/2" channel (length depend on size of table)
    1/2" thick plywood or MDF (dimensions depend on size of table)
    Flathead screw
    2 x hinge
    cheap computer power supply
    dazmode power switch for PSU
    16g or higher wire,
    alligator clip (if you don't want wire it permanently)
    inline springs

    that's it for now,

    like I said , if you have any idea or any comments, please fell free to post

    group buy/build bending table

    1- Snef
    2- Bartacus

    and more
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    I have no ideas, but I'm in on this! I like the charity idea, and I want one of these things!


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      perfect. I edited the main post and add a list of who are in

      I saw a lot of video to how make this and its very simple, if someone want one and don't want to build the table itself, I will make it for him, just pay the shipping from my house and all fee like wood cutting, don't have tools always ask Rona to cut my wood, a way better precision


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        Only one thing Snef: I've sold my house and I'm moving at the end of March, so I might have to delay shipment around that time. But I'll still pay for it and all that, just might need to delay shipment until I get into the new place.


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          no issue here, we don't fix any date for now,and we need to find retailer who have these, and we fixe any date and you need to wait, no issue,


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            Cool idea, but I'll just make my own, if the time comes when I need it.
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              I usually bend by hand, never tried to attach mandrel to any surface.
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                Originally posted by DazMode View Post
                I usually bend by hand, never tried to attach mandrel to any surface.
                I think snef is meaning more like acrylic sheet not tube.
                Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
                OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.
                Canadian Amateur Modding Competition


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                  yep acrylic sheet


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                    This is a good patreon.

                    I'll chip in 10%.

                    with the promise that "Bungwirez" logo goes into one of your Computex build... haha!!
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                      I already have a bender, but you guys (especially you snef) could use the nichrome wire to create a foam cutting station, which might be useful for when you send out your builds to clients or vendors for trade shows.

                      I have a buddy who just made a table with a vertically tightened nichrome wire hanging from a hanger that is secured under the table, and he makes custom foam inserts for his gun cases.

                      Just an idea.
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                        ohhh like the idea

                        and I will put more time in this really soon, I really need this bender, not just for PSU cover but I have so much idea


                        no need 10% I will put your name on next one,


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                          I really need to make myself a bender also. Hard to get a real sharp crease using c clamps and a piece of wood lol
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                            Speaking of acrylic... anyone have a laser table?


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                              Once you guys get your tables set up maybe you could take some custom orders? Dont have the room at home but would like some work done idea.

                              I have the mandrels set up on a 1/4 sheet of plywood for tube bending, works nice.
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