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Tpbmods: How to manage 12v RGB cables

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  • Tpbmods: How to manage 12v RGB cables

    Hey guys and gals, Tpbmods here with a how to manage 12v RGB cables tutorial.
    This is an advanced mod, do not attempt this if you cant A:Solder, B:Fix mistakes, and C: Afford to replace the hardware if you ruin it.

    The tools you will need for this mod are quite simple, and any modder will have these on hand.
    Soldering Iron, Solder, wire cutters, Xacto(optional), lighter or heatgun, Heatshrink! And optionally, Sleeving.

    Start by getting all your cables run as clean and snug as possible, and mark the cables where they will be cut.
    A tip from Alex Banks over at Bit-Tech, is to make little wings out of tape to keep note of orientation.

    once your wires are stripped and splayed, get them all taped together and tap em together with a bit of solder.

    Always make sure to use heatshrink! Take the time to get everything as snug and clean as possible

    And thats it! Clean up the cables, use a few zap straps to tidy it up!

    Now get out there and clean up those wires!