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  • Custom Acrylic Design and Cutting

    Hey just wondering if anyone here either knows of someone, a company or does custom acrylic work. I'm thinking of getting a motherboard shroud or armour as they call it for my upcoming build. Ideally I would have preferred an all white X570 board but there isn't any out so I thought I'd go this route.

    I could definitely do all the design and get precise measurements but I'm sure it would have to be cut on a CNC machine.

    Any insight and help is greatly appreciated.
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    Kaidis86 does CNC work.
    For the most part a mobo "shroud" is a single flat piece of 3mm(which is what I do)
    But a whole "armor" is usually specifically moulded


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      I do acrylic work, this kind of thing is doable, although given the companies use injection molding, for a one off it would be unnecessarily expensive to make one on any kind of machine.

      If you can get me a .f3d file I can give you a better idea of how much it might cost, and the time it might take. Having that already done will definitely cut down substantially on the cost. For something like this though, you're DEFINITELY looking at more than the cost of the components itself just for the shroud. If you can find someone with an industrial sized 3d printer it would probably be the least costly route. Or have it printed in multiple segments and assemble and finish it by hand.

      Either way, hit me up with any questions you've got, and if you have a file I can look at i'll give you a more precise idea of what you're looking at!


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        if something i do distro and cnc works, my CNC as a working area of 375mm x 540mm. PM me for a quote if you have your design already.
        Hugues P
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          Thanks HuguesP for replying. I'm working with Kaisis86 on trying to make this happen. Of anything changes I will reach out to you.