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    Hello everyone

    Over the past couple days Ive been trying to find a certain fitting but I cant seem to find it
    I drew up a quick ms paint of what im looking for im not looking for a traditional (Y) fitting but more of a
    strait into a 45 degree half way threw.
    Any help is greatly appreciated maybe someone has a better idea?

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    I havent seen anything like that in my travels but I 'think' using a 3way block type splitter or even a 'T' fitting and two 45 deg fittings where the two straight through ports go straight to the right side port on the res and the left port gets the two 45's (one on splitter and one on res) so you can use a straight piece of tubing might work.

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    Last edited by dknourek; 03-12-2019, 03:14 AM. Reason: adding rendering: please excuse the crude rendering but I was actually working on a 3d model that had the parts, this is what I was referring to in my suggestion if you cant find the splitter you are


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      have not seen something like it other then a 45/90 combo which isn't exactly what you're looking for but might work - can keep eyes opened


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          DazMode commented
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          Have not seen this type before. Good find,

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        Thank you everyone for the help!


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          Nice find Usamah