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  • Ddc v.s. D5

    So all I've ever used is DDC pumps in all my rigs but in my latest it does have a bit of a wine to it when it ramps up in speed (its a PWM pump) that I never had in my other builds and I'm wondering if its just that way but never and still cant hear it in my other builds or maybe this latest build is too big for the pump maybe. Most of the other builds I've done so far have stayed under 1L in coolant volume and generally around 800ml but this new build is up around 2L in coolant and not sure if I may be asking to much of a single DDC pump.

    I've heard conflicting rumours over which is better and heard a couple saying that DDC runs higher pressure than a D5. So I'm contemplating if I'm good the way I am or should I add a second DDC to the loop to help with reducing stress on a single pump or go with a D5 which I'm only assuming because of the size has an easier time with larger volumes or coolant and lastly which is quieter?

    Long story short version:

    1. how much is too much volume wise for a DDC.

    2. Would it be better to run Dual DDC Pumps or a single D5?

    3. Which is generally quieter, D5 or DDC?


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    Generally speaking, both pump models perform similarly (i.e. DDC PWM/3.25 vs D5 Strong/Vario/PWM). DDC more preferable when the loop is more restrictive or when space is a problem. D5 spins slower and less noisy for that reason, same deal as with fans.
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      ok cool beans, thanks for the info Daz