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Alphacool hpc rad?

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  • drunknfoo
    I realized i like writing 'so' very often lol

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  • drunknfoo
    started a topic Alphacool hpc rad?

    Alphacool hpc rad?

    So i cant find any info on alphacools HPC industry rads....

    Even posting on their own forum seems to lead me to nowhere.. their support contradicts fpi advertised numbers /lol?

    So the xt hpc counterpart has a higher fin density than the regular xt radiators... but the adverts and specs focus' on the rated psi supported rather than the fpi...

    so comparing the following two listed below...which of these two would be the better performer for push pull <1k RPM?

    (I assume the hpc variant will outperform the regular non hpc)

    NexXxos XT45 Industry HPC 360 (


    NexXxoS UT60 360 (

    Some input or thoughts would be much appreciated, TIA

    ill probably just go with the larger ut60 for my next build or maybe the monsta lol