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Phanteks distro plate substitution

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  • Phanteks distro plate substitution

    Hello. As you guys know, i'm doing build for my nephew. Getting really close to completing it outside of the little mods i want to add and decided i want to make a little change for when i will be installing the hardline tubing.

    First of, i use to buy my pvc sheets at a store near me for mods i did for a bunch of people. Thing is, the store closed. Probably because of the pandemic. So anyways, now i have to buy them online but dont really know where and what to look for. Would anyone be kind enough to help me by giving me some indication as to what and where i should be looking for please?
    it has to be 2 to 5mm thick and 40cm x 40cm ideally.

    Second thing. Id like to use a distro plate for this build too. Thing is, the only one i have found for the Phanteks Enthoo 719 is the glacier from phanteks which is installed on the rear panel and replace the exhaust fan. I dont want that. I'd like to get one to install on the side panel next to the mobo. Just like most distro plate we see. Also, since it already have the res/pump combo, it has to be one that can be used without pump. I saw one of the EK reflection but 450-500$ is to expenssive kinda and comes with a d5 pump. If there was a standalone i would consider it but it doesnt. Already injected 10,000$ on his little present and it would be nice if i could save a little there lol. Anyways, is there any substitution i could use instead? Like one of the Barrow in DazMode store? Can they be used without a pump? Would they fit inside the case?

    Hope someone can answer this because ill be placing my last order this week for the hard tubes and fittings and would like to add the distro plate with it.

    Thank you!

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    I usually just go buy Home Depot or Lowe's for a sheet of PVC. Most lumberyards carry basic PVC sheets.

    No clue on a distro plate for that case though.
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      Yeah i use to go at a store named Rona which is basicaly the same thing but like i said it doesnt exist anymore sadly. We have home hardware but it's far and right now, its really hard for me to go anywhere. Thats why i want to find something online but not knowing what to look for, i didnt really find what im looking for yet. Looked on Amazon but i must not be looking for the right thing because all i found is acrylic/plexiglass lol. Thanks tho ima try again. Maybe im just blind or stupid haha.