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    Ok, one more question. Really hope someone will be abble to answer that one. Can you use EK Monarch modules as passive heatsink like the ones from Bitspower or Barrow or do you absolutely need to watercool the RAM? Asking because i have enough clearance for a Coolstream SE but not PE or XE. Im like 2 or 3mm from being abble..

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    Yes, you can.
    They are the same thing as the Bitspower modules.
    Not usually as good as the manufacturer of the ram, but will work fine providing you use the proper thickness of thermal pads on the ram stick. DDR4 tends to be single-sided so may require a thinker pad on the side without the chips. Recommend having the chip side towards the fixed side of the module, not the bolted on side.
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      Sweet. Thank you very much! If it gives me the 2-3mm i need, i will be abble to use a thicker rad and use the SE on the side panel