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D5 pump life expectancy?

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  • D5 pump life expectancy?

    Hello fellow water cooling enthusiasts!

    Do any of you have any experience with a D5 pump failing in just under a year of usage?

    I bought a new D5 in April 2021. Installed it in probably May or June of 2021.

    It failed spectacularly this morning. Looks like the ceramic bearing had been wearing out since day 1, as there is black residue around the inside of the surfaces between the rotor and the pump itself.

    Thankfully I have a flow rate alarm and I was home when it happened.

    To be fair, my system was running 24/7 and the pump was set at 60% speed.

    Thanks for your insights,

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    Whenever you run a pump dry, you damage it as it needs water for cooling and lubrication.


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      Hi Cyclops.

      It never ran dry. I've been doing this long enough to know not to run a D5 dry, but thank you for the suggestion.

      Thankfully I still have my original D5, that ran for over 3 years without missing a beat. I replaced it in 2021 just thinking it might be getting tired, but held onto it as a spare.

      Coolant temp always stayed in the 40's under full load, so I don't think that was an issue.
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        That sucks for sure.
        I have like 5 of them, 3 are D5 Strong and 2 are variable speed, all from Daz and still running great. Just lucky me I guess.
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          Yea, just bad luck I guess. Daz tells me this has been happening with some of the EK D5's lately. Thankfully mine should still be under warranty, so he's processing the RMA for me.

          So it all works out in the end....

          A lesson to all though - make sure you've a flow-rate alarm on your system. My Aquacomputer Flow sensor saved the day, lol.



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            Found the rest of the impeller in my filter...