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  • New Build planned, need input

    Good day all,

    Looking at doing a brand new and I am pretty sure I will be using the 7000D as the case.

    I would like to use a distro plate (EK or Bykski have them) and this will be my first use of hard line tubing.

    I am thinking a 420 rad on top and a 360 in front (45mm) not sure on the brand yet, what is top these days?

    Will be cooling a 7800X3d and a XFX 7900XTX so I am almost certain my rad choices are overkill but that's the name of the game right?

    My GPU cooling options are limited to Bykski or Alphacool as they are the only 2 with a GPU block for the XFX card.

    For the CPU what are the top coolers? or should I stick with whomever I use for the distroplate to help keep things lined up?

    Looking forward to any and all input



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    The Alphacool CPU block does a great job according to deBaure
    Would look good with the Alphacool GPU block.
    Rads are rads, there is only a degree or two between them performance-wise. I look for multi-port rads because it makes setting up a drain/fill port as well as a vent much easier. The Darkside rads Daz has, do great and are the best bang for your buck IMHO.
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      You sure you want to use a 420 and a 360 for those parts? 7800X3D hardly puts out any heat and it's locked so you can't even overclock it. I'd say a single 360 or 420 would be plenty.

      I have a heavily overclocked 5950X and a RTX 4090 on a single 420 on push only and temps are pretty good.


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        Overkill rads mean less fan noise so IMO still a good choice. (looks cooler too!) And you can overclock the 7800x3d, just not an all core overclock, but you can overclock via PBO which is the way to go for gaming anyways.

        For sure go alphacool over bykski for the GPU block, they are ok but I've seen complaints on some cards with either inadequate core coverage or ram coverage.

        For cpu coolers I think alphacool was beating out EK based on debauers videos, but they are all like 2-3c apart anyways so not much difference. the Heatkiller IV also does really well, but he hasn't tested a bykski as of yet. chart on here:
        also would get an AM5 contact frame, the thermalright is much cheaper and performs pretty much the same as the thermal grizzly.

        Good luck doing hard tube for the first time, if you use 90 fittings for corners its pretty easy, just measure and cut. bending is a little harder. I prefer 12mm, but I think a lot of people like to go for 14mm now. 16mm may even look good in such a big case. If bending I would go for acrylic, I've tried PETG but since it takes a lot less heat to bend its hard to keep it warm enough to get a nice corner. also acrylic is more clear and does not scratch as easily, but is a little harder to cut. I use a scroll saw with a crown tooth blade which is super overkill but does an amazing job. if doing it by hand i'd get a miter box and hacksaw. then you need something to chamfer the edges, I use a dremel and a sanding drum, there is a little tool meant for it but its hard to get the outer edge nice and clean unless you go really slow. You can also just use a piece of sandpaper.

        looking forward to see it when its done!
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