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    The motherboard died several months ago, so I updated the build with a 3950X, Crosshair VIII Hero, Bitspower monoblock, and 64GiB of 3600 RAM. To facilitate SSD swaps, I built an aluminum SSD tray and mounted it to the back of the case, which I ended up using it last week to swap out the old 220GB Intel SSD you see in the photo with a new 2TB Samsung 860 Evo. The daylight pics are a few months old.

    For cosmetic changes, I replaced the RGB strip in the reservoir and improved the cables. It's the same sleeving, but I swapped around some of the wires and laced them. I also re-terminated the fans with splitters to use one controller instead of two. The automotive fluid I used glows green in sunlight and under some flashlights, but not so much with regular lighting. Additionally, the green colour largely disappeared over the past few months. I don't know why, as no part of the loop discoloured, and I'm not using any soft tubing.
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