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    I got into PC gaming/building on a serious note in 2017. Only have had cheap pre-built ones or soon-to-be-disposed-of towers that my dad would bring home as he works in IT, growing up. So as mentioned, in 2017 I decided to buy and put together my first build. What I call Clear;Red is my 3rd and latest iteration since starting out in 2017 and is also my first ever custom water loop. This PC is a do it all build, primarily for gaming but it serves as a editing platform for my side gig of photography.

    Intel 8086K
    Asus Formula Maximus XI
    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Ram - 64GB - OC'ed to 3300mhz
    2 EVGA XC 2080s
    Corsair RMx 1000w PSU
    6 Noctua Redux Fans
    Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic Case
    Custom CableMod PSU Cables - Carbon w/ Black Sleeve Combs

    Watercooling Specs:
    Bykski Distribution Water Block w/ DDC Pump
    Fittings - EKWB
    CPU Block - Velocity Block by EKWB
    GPU Block(s) - Vector Blocks w/ Vector Backplates by EKWB
    Radiators - Coolstream SE 360 x2 by EKWB
    Tubing - Acrylic by EKWB


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    Ive Been waiting for you to show up Phazon Someone had to come put me in my place


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      Wow this is so clean! Love the wiring


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        Originally posted by Tpbmods View Post
        Ive Been waiting for you to show up Phazon Someone had to come put me in my place
        Haha, I still think you got me beat


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          Originally posted by drunknfoo View Post
          Wow this is so clean! Love the wiring
          Thanks man, put a lot of time into it to make my first loop look like it isn't my first time.


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            Nice to see Acrylic tubing. Totally worth time in long run.
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