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Watercooled build in Lian Li O11 dynamic

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  • Watercooled build in Lian Li O11 dynamic

    I just recently completed this build earlier this month as I was finally able to find a pc o11 dynamic in store within Canada and at a decent price. Mobo and 6700k are reused from my old build.

    PC specs are:
    6700k cooled with ekwb supremacy mx
    rtx 2080 ti xc ultra with a heatkiller IV
    32 gb ddr4 ram, wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl.
    gigabyte z170xp sli
    xpg 1tb nvme
    480gb corsair force le ssd
    1 tb wd black
    ekwb se 240 rad
    corsair xr5 240 rad
    ek xres 150 and spc combo
    6x sp120 fans.

    Build is mostly for gaming, and watercooling is my hobby. At this point I think I enjoy building pcs more than I do playing on them. Will also start using this pc for vmware eventually as Im going for IT certs, etc. Would really like to get bigger radiators as well as a longer reservoir as theyre a bit tiny for this case, but that's what i could afford.

    Made custom backplate for gpu using plexiglass, carbon fiber vinyl and cut out white vinyl for the overlay. Desk is also custom built, drilled holes into the top for mouse and keyboard wires. All other cables are run along the back of the desk frame to keep hidden from sight. Build is always in progress as I love tinkering and changing things around, hence the soft tubing as it allows easier access. Though one day I would like to go hard tube for looks.

    Anyways, hope you like it. Open to suggestions on improvements.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
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    This is one of the nicest case for watercooling. I have one but I'm changing it for an XL because I want more space.
    Nice build my friend you can see mine here:
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      Awesome build, looks very clean. I really like the distro block, seems to help a lot with running tubes. I looked at getting the XL as well, but couldn't justify the price difference.


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        Looks great.
        Nice build.
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          Looking good! I know that feeling about building. I've put together two monster rigs in the past 3 months, and barely game on them at all, LOL!


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            Nice owl theme


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              Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, I do like owls haha. The sp120 fans work well for that as well, using an orange like colour and blacking out the led strips. Gives a nice glowing eyes effect.


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                Photo of desk/cable management as it wouldn't fit on the original post. Can add more if anyone wants.


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                  Man owls are a piece of my heart

                  This build looks nice!

                  With the space in that case you can definately add more over time and really beef it out. Don't worry about going with hard tube, it's definately worth the upgrade and it isn't all that difficult to work with.


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                    Very nice build with soft tubing, nice short runs make the system the most efficient. Like this a lot and thank you for sharing!
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