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First Time Custom Loop. The Phoenix

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  • First Time Custom Loop. The Phoenix

    Hi, it's my first time ever with a water custom loop. I always found that it was awsome but never jumped in. So basically, i turned my "first real gaming pc" into my first water cooling pc. So i called it: The Phoenix.

    I looked at a lot of tutorials, shopped online a month long (Thanks Dazmode for taking care of all my separate orders!), building my here we are.

    Case: Thermaltake View 71


    -Asus Maximux X hero
    -Intel I7 8700k
    -Asus Strix GTX1080ti OC
    -Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz
    -Samsung SSD Evo 970 M.2
    -Samsung SSD Evo 860
    -Seagate Barracuda HDD
    -Asus Rog Thor 850W


    -EKWB radiators: - 420mm CE
    - 360mm PE
    -EKWB CPU waterblock Velocity D-RGB
    -EKWB GPU waterblock Strix RGB
    -EKWB fittings Torque with red ring
    -Heatkiller Tube reservoir
    -EKWB D5 pump, pwm
    -Thermaltake flow/temp meter

    Fans & Lighting:

    -Corsair ML Pro RGB 120 x 7
    -Corsair ML Pro RGB 140 x 4
    -Corsair Commander & Lighting Hub
    -Corsair LED Strips

    Cables are from CableMods
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    Mode details of the process...


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      Turned out great.
      Nice work.
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        Very tight build!
        Those bends are very smooth and look great.

        How are your temps with those solar array of fans?


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          Originally posted by Torvich View Post
          Very tight build!
          Those bends are very smooth and look great.

          How are your temps with those solar array of fans?
          Right now i didn't OC and benchmark that much. Pretty the same thing I had before. So, at this moment on cinebench i peaked at 69 deg on the cpu @5ghz. And i didn't reach more than 37 deg on the gpu with a small amount of OC (+75mhz) as a start on time spy 4k. Liquid runs at about 25 to 33 deg. Like i said, it's only values as a starting point for the OC. More to comes...


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            Great work, nice to see how torque fitting looks with optional rings in real life. Thank you for sharing the extra images!
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