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  • The Industry by Tpbmods

    Oh you know I couldnt start the new year without trying to enter!

    It's been a long and fruitful journey this year; and I cant wait to show everyone what I have in works for 2020.
    I want too give my greatest appreciation to Inwin USA, EK Waterblocks, TeamGroup and Dazmode for their continued support.
    And I want to thank each and every one of you for following along on this journey of mine, It means a lot to me!

    System specs:
    Case: Inwin 905, CNC'd by Kaidis86
    Cpu - Intel i7 8700k
    Mobo - Maximus Formula z370
    Gpu - Strix 2080
    Ram - 16gb (4x4) TeamGroup T-Force DarkZ
    PSU - Inwin PL850w
    Cables - Tpbmods

    Cpu - EK Velocity Acetal
    Gpu - EK RTX Strix
    Pump/Res - Xres 140 Revo D5 Glass
    Rads - EK SE360/PL240
    Fittings - EK 16mm Torque Series
    Fans - Inwin Sirius Loop 120mm

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    Looking stealthy! Was a blast to do the hex pattern on the chassis!


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      Nice build.
      Great win! Congratulations.
      Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
      OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.
      Canadian Amateur Modding Competition


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        Hot damn that's a clean build!