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  • Amateur Mini ITX Build

    This is my first custom loop and I bought almost all the watercooling gear for this build off Dazmode. I don't have a lot of room for my build and I also needed to keep it silent so I decided to run a custom loop. I'm not a great photographer but I'll take a shot and attach some photos.

    I'm really impressed with the Nouvolo Steck case and how much i was able to fit in such a small footprint. Working in a sandwich case is challenging though and I had to use a lot of 90 degree and 30 degree fittings to make it work. On the Apogee Drive CPU block, I had to use 90 degree fittings to barely fit under the case panel, and on the GPU block I had to change the stock ports to Barrow's aftermarket 90 degree rotary fittings. Using compression fittings on the EK-ZMT was really hard on the hands, but I love the matte black look and I know those tubes aren't coming out for anything.

    Parts list:
    • Black Nouvolo Steck w/ 2x tophats and tempered glass side panels (had to take them off for pics - too reflective)
    • Asus B450-I Strix
    • Ryzen 7 3700x
    • RTX 2080TI w/ Barrow ARGB Waterblock
    • Corsair SF750 Platinum
    • 2x8gb G Skill Trident Z 3600C15 - deshrouded
    • Adata SX8200 1TB M.2 NVME
    • Swiftech Apogee Drive II CPU Block & Pump Combo
    • Alphacool x-flow 240mm radiator on top - doubles as reservoir
    • Darkside x-flow 240mm radiator on bottom
    • EK-ZMT tubing with Barrow compression fittings
    • 4x Arctic P12 fans - bottom is pull/intake and top is push/exhaust
    • Filled with distilled water and Dazmode Protector
    I still have some plans to improve my loop once my hands aren't as sore:
    • Adding a T-Line: Bleeding the loop without a dedicated reservoir was a pain in the butt, I think I'm going to re-do the tubing runs to the CPU block to give it more slack so I can take it off the CPU without having to break down the whole loop and I'll also add a t-splitter adapter to run a t-line as a res and fill port in the future.
    • Upgrade to EK Varder RGB: Waiting for them to come back in stock! The Arctic P12 are OK and very quiet but I've had the EK RGB fans in mind since the beginning.

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    Nice job especially in an ITX case
    Ryzen 5800X WC-Asus ROG Crosshair Vlll Impact X570--TForce Extremm 32 Gb (2X16 Gb) 3600-Sabrent Gen 4 500 Gb M.2-HP N550 1Tb M.2 -Asus Strix Gold 850watts -Phillips 328E1CA 4K 32 "-Windows 11 Pro.-Fractal Design Torrent Nano Dtx modded by Snef Computer design


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      Originally posted by vieuxchnock View Post
      Nice job especially in an ITX case
      Thanks! The AMD build you posted looks pretty slick, great photos too


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        Nice job dude, I don't have the patience for builds like that anymore, LOL! Too many cheese-grated knuckles!


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          That is a nice and compact build.


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            Looks good dude I like the case and that you went into it with balls to achieve your goals.