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    I started working on Maximus P90 a couple weeks before the birth of my third son, Maxime, and thoughout the first five months of his life. I am in the Canadian Army Forces and this patental leave gave me time to realise my PC gamer/VR dreaming watercooled machine. It's been an interesting journey; I've learned a lot. After several adjustments down the line, I'm now quite satisfied with the end result and I'm excited to share it with you!

    Thermaltake Core P90 TG modified with:
    - Heavy TV stand from a Samsung Plasma 64" PN64D6500
    - Bracket inside to make the case strong enought to take the extra weight without tilting
    - Bracket inside for the 1200W power supply

    PC parts:
    - Asus X470 Prime
    - AMD Ryzen 2600
    - DDR4 16Gb Ripjaws V 3000mhz with RGB cooler
    - Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Galactic Empire
    - Startech USB 3.0 to PCI-E with 4 port (for the Oculus Rift)
    - SSD m.2 970 Pro 512 Gb (Windows 10)
    - SSD m.2 970 Evo 500 Gb (Oculus Rift games)
    - SSD SATA 850 Evo 250 Gb (Steam games)
    - HDD... A lot but external (behind the wall)
    - Power supply Thermaltake 1200W
    Watercooling triple loop concept

    Loop 1:
    - CPU waterblock AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos Next
    - GPU waterblock EKWB EKFC nickel & black acetal
    - Rad 360mm Barrow with 6 fan Vardar
    - Pump D5 + clear top + 210mm tank Barrow
    - One way valve Alphacool
    - 5 chrome tubes 14mm OD L shape Bykski
    - 2 chrome tubes 14mm OD L shape Barrow
    - 2 in line filter
    - Flow indicator
    - A lot of fittings/valves/90/multiway/&+

    Loop 2 (the one with 2 Thermo Electric Cooler):
    - 1st TEC
    - 12710 (10A 154W max)
    - Cooler Master with Vardar fan (hot side)
    - CPU block XSPC Raystorm (cold side)
    - 2nd TEC
    - 12710
    - Air cooler with Vardar fan (hot side)
    - CPU block Barrow RGB (cold side)
    - Rad 420mm Koolance
    - Rad 420mm Bykski with 3 140mm Noctua fan
    - 2 pump D5 PWM swiftech MCP655
    - Top Dual D5 DSTOPX2 BitsPower
    - 280mm Tank Barrow
    - 4 chrome tubes 14mm OD L shape Bykski
    - 1 chrome tubes 14mm OD L shape Barrow
    - Temp sensor Thermaltake
    - Flow indicator RGB barrow
    - 1 in line filter
    - Lot of fittings/valve/multiway/& more

    Loop 3 (the one who connect the others):
    - D5 PWM pump + black tp + 210mm tank Barrow
    - 3 chrome tubes 14mm OD L shape Bykski
    - Flow indicator RGB Barrow
    - A lot of fittings again

    Details on the triple loop concept:

    In the first loop, the CPU and GPU bloc (parallel) are fuelled by the pump/tank before going thru the 360mm rad and coming back in the tank via the oc'cool one way valve. Up and down this valve are two multiways that let the third loop flow the chilled liquid from the second loop to the first. The second loop is the one who has two ~150W TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler) in serie with two rad 420mm, two D5 pumps and a big tank. I made the second loop this way (TEC > Rad > tank)to ensure it will never have any condensation because the liquid temperture can't go under the room temp.

    Here are the pictures :
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    Hi again! Here are more pictures:


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      Wow man. That thing is absolutely amazing. Mind if i ask what your temps are? Also. Your using the radiator to kind of heat the chilled water a bit because of condensation? Such a neat build anyway. So many factors to it.


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        Thank you MenBusX!

        My liquid temp is at the room temp (18 - 19C) when PC is idle (like Facebook or on the DazMode forum) and it goes up 4 -6C when PC is full load. The Fans are set to a very low RPM exept for the fans who cool the two TECs.

        Yes those two 420mm rad make impossible for the liquid to go under the room temp when TECs produces more cold than CPU+GPU produces heat, this way, condensation could never be a problem. I also have 2 valves, before and after the TECs, that alow me to redirect the chilled water from them direcly to the CPU/GPU blocs (in parallel with the first loop).


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          Great work.
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            AMAZING .BREATHTAKING. Build well done


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              Thank you DazMode & Baldyman!


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                Good lord, I missed this one entirely! That is a seriously impressive setup!! The perfect blend of function and form!