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    Well, May is here and another project is already in the works for June.
    Today I give you APEX, a Swiftech USA showcase build featuring sponsored parts from Teamgroup and Nanoxia.

    This was a very difficult project for me, as I have never done any sort of graffiti or graf techniques. Fading and blending with rattle can was a totally new experience, and expensive at that!
    When Swiftech asked if I would be interested in working with them, I was over the moon to mod a showcase for the company that I bought my first ever watercooling parts from so many years ago.

    Build List:
    Mobo - Gigabite z390 Gaming X
    CPU - Delidded i3 8350k @ 5.3ghz
    GPU - MSI 1080ti Aero OC
    Ram - TeamGroup T-Force Delta 2 4x4 3000mhz
    SSD - TeamGroup T-Force Rainbow 240gb
    PSU - EVGA 750g3
    Case - Heavy airflow modded NZXT h700i

    CPU - Swiftech Apogee LT w/Iris ARGB
    GPU - Swiftech Komodo 1080ti w/painted backplate.
    Pump/Res - Swiftech Maelstrom 100mm d5 w/Iris ARGB
    Radiators - 2x Swiftech Hydrae GT 360
    Compression Fittings - Nanoxia CF 16mm hardline
    Angled Fittings - Nanoxia CF 45's
    Drain - Dazmode Darkside Pushvalve
    Fluid - EK cryofuel Amber Orange

    Fans - Swiftech Helix 120mm w/Iris ARGB
    Controllers - Swiftech Iris ARGB Eco Controllers
    Lighting - Dazmode Darkside Rigid LED Strips - Orange(top and basement)
    Cables - Tpbmods created, using Telios Sleeving from Mainframe Customs
    Cable Combs - Nanoxia CF with splatter paint job
    Paint - BombingScience.Com Ironlak/Moltow/FlameBlue

    Without further delay, I give you APEX! My May BOTM Entry! Enjoy.

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    Sweet Rig.
    Good luck.
    Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
    OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.
    Canadian Amateur Modding Competition


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      Wow Great job! I love the paintwork on this one. My build (if I can get it done this month lol) wont stand a chance against this one


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        Im really hoping DazMode likes this one. Havent been having any luck so far this year.


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          That looks like a lot of work. Lots of hand drawn work hey? Good Stuff