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Northern Grace - My First Hardline Build Ever!

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  • Northern Grace - My First Hardline Build Ever!

    Hello, my name is John and my alias is Torvich. Here is my finished personal build, Northern Grace, the perfect build for the summer so I can keep a little bit of the winter feel close to me and my northern roots.

    As in the title this is my first ever hardline loop and with it there were many struggles.
    Initially I wanted to have all white fittings, but that was too plain so chrome/silver was needed to accent the piece to give it that glistening feel. Having purchased five 90 degree double fitting pieces I was going to have all straight tubes with a 90 degree fitting in replace of every bend you see now. I'm happy to say I took the leap to bend the tubes, it looks MUCH better, even though one or two bends are a little less round then I would like. But hey, it's all learning experience!
    The tube reservoir was the perfect size but wasn't in the right spot for a perfect 90 degree connection on the top and bottom so my penta rotating fitting and an extension fit everything in line allowing the reservoir to sit on the pump, be held by the top penta fitting and stabalized by the extensions which connect the pump to the radiator. This together allows the pump and reservoir to 'float' without the need for an ugly black plastic ring holding it in place. Unfortunately the pump is a little tilted from the weight but to me that is ok, as long as there is breathing room for the DDC pump to not overheat.
    An important thing for me was to have that beautiful Heatkiller GPU block to be visible but I needed the tube run to be semi-hidden for a sleeker look. No brainer, I made a double bend to go around the area of the GPU block that should be admired while not blocking the second 8x PCIE lane or any of the x4, etc.

    This is a winter theme and in this 'case' winter has come although my last name is not Snow, although I was born during a storm so would that make me John Stormborn rightful heir of the seven kingdoms? Hmph, another time I suppose (and I know... that was shameful...)

    For now here is a parts list/ specs and the images are below;

    Case - SilverStone PM02
    Motherboard - Asrock Master SLI/AC X470
    RAM - 2x 8GB TeamGroup Dark Pro 3200Mhz 14-14-14-31
    CPU - Ryzen 5 2600X
    GPU - Vega 64 Reference
    Storage - TeamGroup MP34 M.2 NVME 256GB boot drive, Samsung EVO 860 500GB SSD game storage, Adata SU650 240GB SSD casual file, music, videos, pictures storage, (HDD to come in the future for bulk)

    CPU Waterblock - Phanteks Glacier C350A
    GPU Waterblock - HeatKiller IV for Vega 56/64
    Pump - EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 Elite
    Reservoir - Bitspower 240mm
    Radiator - 1 DarkSide 240mm Standard flow and 1 Darkside 240mm Crossflow
    Tubing - Bitspower White Acrylic
    Fittings - 5x DarkSide white 90 degree rotary male - female, 8x DarkSide Chrome/White Hardtube fittings, 1x DarkSide Penta Rotary Chrome, 3mm + 8mm + 10mm + 12mm extension fittings.
    Fans - 4x DarkSide Gentle Typhoon AP-60 2150RPM radiator fans, 2x 140mm Noctua Chromax fans for extra air intake and exhaust.
    Extras - Darkside white PCIE 8-pin extension cables, 24-pin extension cable and wire sleeving for the pump wires.

    Coolant - Ice Dragon Concentrate Rev. 2

    I can't compete with Project Apex or the Lian Li O11 build (which are absolutely amazing by the way you guys!) but I just wanted to join in and show a little progress on the amateur side with my first hardline build. Case modding is a far in the future venture for me so this is what can do with what I have and some spare time, I hope you like it and please give me tips and advice to make my next build or rebuild even better!

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    Good Work


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      Great first effort!


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        Great example of when the less is more. Classic looks. Looking forward to your next build!
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