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Maple BOTM MAY 2020

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  • Maple BOTM MAY 2020

    Cpu - 8700k at 5ghz
    GPU - 1080ti at 2000mhz
    RAM- Gskill Trident Royal Z's 32gb 3600MHZ
    Storage- 500gb WD Black
    2tb 860 EVO - 2 of them
    PSU- Seasonic 750W

    Swiftech CPU,GPU blocks, Pump/res, Fans, Fittings
    Assorted fittings from other various venders

    And most important! The Maple syrup

    Click image for larger version

Name:	maple-start.jpg
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    Well this project has been a long list of revisions but i'm calling it done! Let me start by saying all credit for the case mods, cables and paint go to TPBmods.
    When i first joined pc builders canada facebook group i stumbled across a post Kevin had made for his mod "Maple." Once the GF saw it she just had to have it so we worked out a deal and i bought it.

    Well unfortunately Canada post man handled Maple and broke the pcb on the 1080ti, as well as damage to the PCIE slot...

    So now this is where the build starts getting fun, do to the unfortunate death of Maple before i even got to boot up i figured it was time to go big! So we worked out another deal and i bought some of the custom loop components, Lets do this!

    Finally! A fully functional piece of art!!

    Click image for larger version

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    But i just wouldn't be happy to leave it at that, i wanted it perfect! So a few more deals were made, fittings ordered, paint also ordered and when the origional cpu block became available i knew it needed to be back in maple! And what would make it really pop? I l Know!! Some gskill trident Royals

    Click image for larger version

Name:	maple final.jpg
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ID:	90842Click image for larger version

Name:	maple final3.jpg
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    Now i present you "Maple"! Not bad for a retired show girl!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	maple final5.jpg
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ID:	90844

    A huge thank you to TPBmods!! wouldn't have been able to do it without you and your help!

    Thanks for checking it out, feel free to leave any comments or questions! I appreciate any form of feedback or constructive criticism.

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    Just wanted to share a few more pictures that wouldn't fit in my first post, had it all typed up really nice and clued in i couldn't have more then 5 pics attached so had to delete a few... well here they are!


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      Nice to see another high quality flex tube build.

      Big fan of the shroud!

      I'd stick around and extoll the virtues of your build, but all of a sudden I want to go eat waffles and let my kids hit me with slapshots in the driveway.

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        Great job


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          Nice work on case modding and cables.
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