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DazMode BOTM - Posting Requirements, Prize, and etc.

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  • DazMode BOTM - Posting Requirements, Prize, and etc.

    Welcome to no-frills DazMode monthly event of sharing your love for computer modding!

    For November the BOTM title comes with the prize sponsored by EKWB again! Winner will get $100 credit for a purchase of any EKWB product(s) from DazMode store.

    To participate:
    1. Post five pictures (or more if you like) of your completed build, which you finished this month (i.e. November 2019).
    2. Provide List of Hardware you have
    3.Provide List of Watercooling parts (if applicable)
    4. Share small story why you build this computer and if your build signifies anything special.

    I'm looking forward to enjoying your work in pictures. It does not matter if it is your first build or hundred's - be proud of your creation!
    Retro Build: Build Log,
    Baby Blue Build: Build Log,
    Green Lanten Build: Build Log,
    Sentinel Build: Build Log,
    Venom Build: Build Log,
    Silent Sniper Build: Final Video,
    Orange Build: Final Video
    HTPC Build: Final Video