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    Ladies and Gentleman, heres a fun one for you all. This build here, has more collective youtube views than any PC you could possibly imagine.
    With a combined parts list total of approximately 25 million views, this was one of the funnest builds I think ive ever done.

    How is it 25 million views you ask? Well, Outside of the few watercooling parts I purchased from DazMode ,Every single component in this system was previously in one of many rigs featured on the Linus Tech Tips youtube channel! This system was built for a friend of the LTT staff who runs their discord and minecraft server.

    May I present to you... LTT

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    Not always agree with LTT on Watercooling business, but I won't let it shadow a cast on builder execution of this build! Good work and excellent execution of the customer desired scheme.

    You are my pick for BOTM November! Congratulations.

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