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WTB: 295X2 Full Cover Waterblock and triple 140mm radiator.

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  • WTB: 295X2 Full Cover Waterblock and triple 140mm radiator.

    Open to all brands that cool the vrm sections of the 295x2 with water.
    Regular thickness rad only please. 65mm wont fit.

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    Hey there, I have a 3x140mm rad for sale, I was asking $50+ shipping but feel free to make an offer. It is 29mm thick, and painted with graphite metallic + clear coat. I used automotive paints and I'm not bad at painting if I do say so myself, so there is no worry of chips or damage. And it looks quite nice. There is also a matching 2x140mm.

    And I have a 295x2 block... but its connected to a 295x2, and I'm assuming you already have the card?

    (better picture of the color(different rad))
    My Imgur


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      Very sorry I havent checked this site in a while! shoot me an email if you still have any of these items. my username at I would likely be interested in the rad, just need to make sure it would fit the top of my 750d.
      Yes I do have a gigabyte 295x2. Just want to increase its lifespan by watercooling it. Let me know if you want to sell. The card is worth stupid money right now but nobody seems to want them with waterblocks.