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The Lightbringer by Kaidis a.k.a. partybrosdesign

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  • I see podium in your future my young apprentice. For your first ever mod, and first ever competition... You killed it!


    • Fantastic work on open space type of the case and cool modding all around.
      Retro Build: Build Log,
      Baby Blue Build: Build Log,
      Green Lanten Build: Build Log,
      Sentinel Build: Build Log,
      Venom Build: Build Log,
      Silent Sniper Build: Final Video,
      Orange Build: Final Video
      HTPC Build: Final Video


      • Kaidis, Your's is one of those build logs that I didn't want to end. Just keep going and going. Great job on the log and congrats for turning in such a beautiful build.
        The SLOB : A 3570K Build
        Down & Out : A 2600K Build
        V-353 : A 4770K Build


        • I just need to find an caselabs sma8a revision somehow(or similar case in quality), order parts and hire kaidis to build it. After reading AMD 7nm rumors, I am certain Nvidia 7nm GPU and Intel 7nm/10nm CPU is when I go on next upgrade cycle. Long time AMD/Apple/Tesla Engineer Jim Keller project's have never disappointed and his intel related project could be something you must want. While the RTX2080Ti is not worth its price (I should have bought SMA8A Revision - was thinking it all the way back in February and i would have made cut-off too), Nvidia AI cores and RTX are going to be interesting technology in future GPU's just might take another 1-2years of development plus node shrink to 7nm/5nm.
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          • Aww shucks heh thanks guys!

            DazMode thank you kindly sir! Much appreciated!

            wattermain I'm getting ready to start my next log in a couple weeks after I finish moving! New house with space to set up my Shapeoko once it arrives, and a proper workspace to build in ! Plenty more fun to follow then after that I've got a TH10 to build in so I'll be plenty busy this year

            also gonna probably play with some more polymer and jazz up the power/reset button on The Lightbringer eventually, but I've got so many builds to do its gonna get put off til after the next build at least.

            section31 I know a fella who could probably help you find that case if he doesnt already own it for sale. Add me on Facebook (Leighton Broussard) profile photo is one from my wedding, and I'll put you in contact with him! Hes a wonderful guy, really great friend, and lives and dies to help the caselabs enthusiast community! Hes holding my TH10 for me til I can get to New York to pick it up.

            I'd be happy to build in another caselabs! Or anything for that matter haha. If you ever want me to do anything for ya let me know! I'll have a lot more tools and capability in the next few months with my cnc coming too!

            I know intel is having a bit of a shortage for 14nm currently, so the h310c chipset is being rolled back to 22nm to I guess give them time to produce some more 14nm wafers. It's very possible the 10nm is still a year off but hopefully they make some good progress over the final quarter of 2018 and first quarter of 2019!


            • Have you considered experimenting with this watercooling brand before. I've been browsing there site time to time and there blocks and reservoirs are very nice looking. But haven't seen many people use that brand before so I stick with heatkiller/aquacomputer.