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  • Old Fashioned by Zjr8

    Hi Forum Community Ė I hope this post finds everyone well! This post will be edited and expanded upon as time allows, as unfortunately Iíve been rather busy of late. However, this should not affect my entry into this yearís mod contest (minus this sparse post you are reading now) ! This will be my first time entering any sort of contest related to modding or pc building, I would say Iím both excited and slightly nervous of what to expect but I will do my best to not let it deter me from trying to make something awesome.

    Build Plan: Planning on building / modifying a Tower 900 into an old style retro popcorn machine on a cart with a number of fun / exciting / pointless (but entertaining) modifications. Planning on doing hard tube in the front compartment of the case with soft tube in the back.

    Components: (Some parts are subject to change or undecided as I tend to buy lots of random stuff from peopleÖ. In addition, random trades so)

    Base System
    CPU: Ryzen 1600x
    RAM: 16GB DDR4 G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz (in b4 ryzen memory controller comments)
    GPU: FuryX
    Motherboard : GA-AX370-Gaming K7
    Liquid Cooling
    Radiator: Dual Darkside 480mm Radiator
    CPU Block: EK-FB GA AX370 Gaming RGB Monoblock
    Pico Projector
    3d Printer
    On-Glass Projection Films

    Build Log

    Test Painting

    Having never done any custom PC paining before I decided to take advantage of our warm weather to-do some test painting on the case I was planning to work with to gain a little bit of practice. Will post pics later
    1. Disassemble Tower 900
    2. Sand + Prime
    3. Dry and Wait
    4. Paint
    5. Dry
    6. Repeat
    Trying to find the photos I took of the painting in progress - end result of test paint was not as terrible as I thought it would be - minus the color difference between the metal body and plastic top. Will resolve this when repaint time comes

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