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    I started working on Maximus Prime 90 when my third son, Maxime, was born and thoughout the first months of his life. I am in the Canadian Armed Forces and my parental leave gave me time to realise my PC gamer/VR dreamed watercooled machine. It's been an interesting journey; I've learned a lot!

    In the beginning, the project didn't need to be aesthetic: the goal was to get it water-cooled, low cost, efficient and quiet. Things changed when I fell in love with modding.

    After several adjustments down the line, I'm now quite satisfied with the result and I'm excited to share the story log* with you!

    • V1: Make it works
    • V2: Hard tubing swap and new res/pump
    • V3: Lot of new adds (Rads, pumps and more)
    • V4: New Chrome plated tubes
    • V5: TEC (ThermoElectric Cooler) X2
    • V6: BOTM June
    • V7: New 240 Rad, PSU, CableMod and more
    • V8: CAMC 2019
    Lets start with the case (Thermaltake core P90) at the very beginning.

    Thank you!
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    Woot! Welcome to the competition! Thank you for your service! Have fun and good luck!! Always great to see the competition grow!! Cant wait to see the end result!!


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      Thats a very intersting case. Looks like you are going to be cooling a fair but with 720mm of radiator cooling.
      Excited to see more when the updates come.


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        MP90 V1
        Make it work
        January 2019

        The first version of Maximus was... functional. At this time, I had no intention to make it RGB, aesthetic and awesome to look at it.

        Here is the part list:

        Asus Prime X570 Pro
        Ryzen 5 2600 OC 4.2ghz
        Titan Xp Star Wars
        16gb Ripjaw V 3000mhz
        Startech PCI-E USB 3.0
        PSU EVGA 850BQ
        SSD M.2 970 Pro 512gb (Windows 10)
        SSD M.2 970 Evo 500gb (Oculus Rift)
        SSD SATA 850 Evo 250gb (Steam)
        HDD 2To external

        Watercooling part:
        CPU block AquaComputer Cuplex Krios Next Vision Cooper
        GPU block EKWB
        Dual D5 pump with Bitspower DualTop
        240mm, 360mm and 420mm rad
        Barrow, other and no name fittings

        The build was quiet, cold, a good VR machine and ugly. I was not satisfied...
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          MP90 V2
          Hard tubing
          February 2019

          The second version of the build got a Barrow pump/res D5 combo and 14mm hard tubing (brass and PETG) with black Barrow fittings. The dual D5 also got 2 black pump cover and 180° rotation. A Thermaltake in line temp meter was added in the loop.
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            That copper piping is very cool.
            Very interested to see where this is at now


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              MP90 V3
              Lot of new adds
              Mars 2019

              The third version of Maximus got several improvements:

              - The new PSU (Thermaltake smart 1200W) is mounted inside the frame.
              - The 360 and 240mm Rad are mounted where the PSU was before (with 2x120mm fan between them).
              - New 420mm rad added to the mounted one (140mm fan are between them).
              - New Barrow D5 pump/res combo fixed to the 420mm rad.
              - Red cable mod extension.
              - More Barrow fittings.

              The build is now in the process of looking pretty good.
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                Wow, ive never seen anyone run 2 radiators together like that before. What are your temps like?
                Did you do any testing with them like that vs without the second radiator?


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                  Hi SystemTech, thank you for your interest and comments. The temp test was done few weeks and build version later, in june. The test was done for another part of the loop. Just wait for the next logs and you will have more information about the temperatures.


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                    MP90 V4
                    Part 1/2
                    Avril 2019

                    This build version is divided in 2 parts because it was where I made the huge decision to change all the tubing (and more mod) to finally give to my PC what it deserves; being aesthetic.

                    Here are the build updates:

                    -I changed the GPU block for a better EKWB one. The new one is nickel plated and it is for Titan Xp. The last one was not a perfect fit and it was also made with aluminum (big beginner mistake).

                    ​​-I mounted the second D5 pump/res 210mm on the second 420mm rad in a mirror configuration to the other one.

                    -The build got a third big Barrow reservoir.

                    -I also introduced the multi loop concept. The AlphaCool one way valve is an important part of this concept. This multi loop concept will be explain soon in one of the next updates (June 2019).
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                      MP90 V4
                      Part 2/2
                      Avril 2019

                      The fourth version is now completed with his new chrome plated tubes.

                      Ah! The build also got a new stand in the process; a stainless strong one from a Samsung Plasma TV D6500.

                      Here are the pictures:
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                        That's pretty awesome, do you have a total of 5 D5 pumps?! That's crazy and so awesome at the same time lol, I love it!


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                          Thank you sexpot! I have a total of 4 D5 pumps (2xPump/res + 2x in the Dual Top). The big reservoir do not have a pump on it.


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                            MP90 V5
                            Part 1/3

                            May 2019

                            It is time for an awesome upgrade; the addition of two TEC (ThermoElectric Cooler aka Peltier module).

                            The build also got few collateral changes on the tubing configuration and on the multiway flow distributor module (part 3/3).

                            The first TEC is mounted on a Cooler Master 212 EVO (hot side of the TEC) and a XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock (cold side of the TEC). The assembly is attached on the 360mm RAD. The flow that goes thru the TEC is on an independent loop than the one that goes thru the GPU/CPU blocks (it will be explain in the V6 update).

                            Here are the pictures of TEC#1:
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                              Cool to see peltier cooling coming back again this year! Not something I'd venture into personally, but it definitely shows skill if its pulled off properly and works effectively!

                              Keep up the good work!