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  • Bombshell

    When Antec released the Striker, I knew I had to build in it. It just needed a splash of colour. My plan was to paint some of the outer plates, but otherwise run a straight-forward build.

    Years of distro-hopping, dual booting, and incrementally upgrading my storage drives has left my PC a mess of partitions. Bombshell will exclusively run desktop-Linux, and take over all software development from my now-gaming PC.

    CPU - AMD Ryzen 3900X
    GPU - AMD Radeon 5700 XT
    Mobo - Asus Strix X570-I
    PSU - Seasonic Prime Ultra 850[W]
    RAM - G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 2x16Gi[B]
    SSD1 - Samsung 970 Pro 1T[B]
    SSD2 - Samsung 970 Evo 500G[B]

    I wanted orange lighting on the inside, and something dark on the outside to complement it. That finally gives me an opportunity to paint something regal purple.

    Initial Purple

    Well, that's... not a wrap. My plan (or lack thereof) called for a bit of purple to look done, but since it replaced all the white, the whole case was now too dark. I also hadn't given much thought to the tube routing, and realized the reservoir, tubes, and power cables weren't going to fit. It's going to be a real project!
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    To achieve a glowing interior but dark shell, the exterior needs more purple, and the interior needs to reflect lighting with orange or white paint. I was sceptical orange paint could ever look good on it, but thankfully GIMP exists to rotate colours.

    Colour Test
    The design looks a bit odd with so much orange in the middle, but I was confident that with enough PC parts on top, and /RGB ON/, it would look awesome. Let's get to work.


    I dremeled away material to fit a 24pin cable, GPU power, reservoir struts + top, and D5 pump + fittings. The coarse sanding helps primer stick to metal, especially on edges and large open areas. Antec used a mix of incredibly soft aluminum, soft steel, and hard steel for this case, so the scratches aren't consistent.

    Undercoated Fittings

    I used automotive primer with a normal white airbrush primer on top. I shaded the cracks in the fittings by hand, hoping that would be enough shading to airbrush the rest of the way (it wasn't).


    The orange was too bright after just the basecoat. Normally I like to start dark and work up, but here I had to darken and re-highlight the most visible edges.
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      I clearcoated everything except the reservoir struts (they're behind a glass plate, so varnish should suffice).

      Varnished Orange
      Varnished Purple

      Lastly, satin varnish.

      Reservoir Assembly

      Reservoir assembly. The Striker has two attachment points for its drive cage, which nicely fit the Heatkiller mounting kit.

      First POST

      First POST, half-assembled. I chose pink sleeving to contrast with the purple, not realizing how dominant the orange would be. However, I should have built the power cables after painting. I could have used dummy cables for all the measurements and cutting, and sleeved after painting.

      Those stock coolers are eyesores. Lots left to do! The front panel connectors are all way too long, and I have no idea what to do about them (especially the USB3). The mobo doesn't even have an internal USB type C connector. If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.
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        Nice Build.
        Welcome to the competition.

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        Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
        OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.
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          An all-AMD build running Linux, I like it!


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            Started work on the tubing. More fittings and some longer tubes arriving soon.


            Most of the tubes will have quite a few bends, so I'll probably make each one twice.