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    Testing the lights...


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      Holy crap dude, I missed this entirely, you are putting in some serious work on that gear!! Nice job!


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        Thanks Bart. You know me, I love to improvise mods!

        I have a small update. I created a bracket to adapt the Heatkiller RGB strip to the acrylic pump top. It's a piece of an old Antec case that I modded using tin snips, vise, hammer, file, sandpaper, and drill. The offset part was a pain in the ass!

        Here I'm trying it out, not painted yet. From the side of the case you won't really see it, it will sit between the pump and the front of the case.


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          This plastic cover is removeable, and since I'll kinda be boxing it in with rads, I'll remove it to improve air flow near the VRMs. If need be I'll add a small fan above it in the top of the case.

          You can see the top of a VRM heatsink, hidden behind the rad.

          Rads are fitted, my motley collection of odds and sods! I know tube routing makes little difference, but I'll probably try to hit rads that exhaust heat from the case (rear and top) immediately after the hot components.

          Here is a better look at those Deep Cool fans. The top two are for the 240mm rad, the bottom is fresh air.

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            Now to mount the pump/reservoir. The hard drive mount plates hang on the back of the mobo tray/right side of the case. Care must be taken to drill mount holes where the screws won't interfere with them, plus the tabs at the bottom of the drive mounts protrude into the case in the area where the pump bracket goes.

            Here you can see the two rectangular openings where the tabs go. I used the adhesive vibration pad that came with the original pump and bracket, and cut a pocket in it to accommodate one of the tabs sticking through.

            It was a royal pain to get these nuts on!

            To stabilize the position of the pump/res, I needed a res bracket. I fashioned a spacer from some packing foam to set the bracket far enough from the case.


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              I've plumbed the loop, routing is pump->GPU->CPU->rear rad->top rad->front rad. So the largest rad gets fresh air and the other two are hit first in an effort to exhaust some of the heat ASAP. Not that it will make much difference.

              Here I am leak testing and flushing the loop, with fill and drain tubes attached.


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                Orange coolant is in. I've decided to throw another leftover into this build, a Deep Cool RGB strip, to light up the reservoir.

                I need something to back it, to tidy up the look. After looking around I found some leftover vinyl tubing that I bought MANY years ago to use to trim around a case side window. I'll slit it open and flatten it.

                I tried cutting it and sanding the end, but found I got the most even width and nicest edges by simply taking care when I slit it open.