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    Hello fellow Canadian Modders, hope everyone's had a great year.
    I'm a little late to the sign up and I apologize for that. I haven't worked out many details for my build yet but I think what I'd like to do this year is to take an idea I've had on paper since working on my last personal build, which I themed after The Mandalorian, and I'll build his ship, The Razor Crest, or some version of it. I know Star Wars ships aren't new as a concept for a PC mod, as the X Wing and a Tie Fighter have been done, however I love LOVED them both, and want to see if I can even scratch the level of detail in those mods. Mine will however be quite a bit smaller, because well, my house doesn't have room for a life size spaceship. Fun fact the model used to shoot the Razor Crest in the Mandalorian show was only 24" in size, so quite small, and YES they used a model for the show to bring back the epic old school Star Wars feel, so The Razor Crest wasn't completely CGI !! These are all factors that have drawn me to this project and want to work on some version of one myself.

    I currently only have the case ill be using selected and that is going to be the Coolermaster NR200.

    Many details to be worked out, but I'll be getting started soon.

    Good luck everyone, have as much fun as you can, reach out with questions or feedback, I'm open to talk shop and learn new things at all times.

    As a parting note on this post, I've started to keep a bit of a log on my own website as well as my YouTube Channel Rhoads Pc.

    Have Fun !

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    Okay, since submitting my entry thread here a couple hours ago, I've gotten pretty excited about this build and the competition as well!

    So I've spent a little time doing a few rough sketches just to add context to what I'm aiming for and keep me accountable to the idea I'm going for in the start of this one anyway.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi Rhoads, I really like the concept. Looking forward to the mods!


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        The Coolermaster NR200 arrived , and I thought a quick quality of life build for this project would be to give it a dedicated table in my workshop, so I took an old speaker stand and cut up some mdf and bam it’s got a home.

        Next steps are to measure and start chopping it up

        Click image for larger version

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