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Rules, Prizes and Sign up Form (2nd Annual 2018)

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  • Rules, Prizes and Sign up Form (2nd Annual 2018)

    Canada Amateur PC Modding Competition 2018
    Sponsors: Thermaltake,
    EZ's PCs
    Host: Forum
    Judges: James Walter,
    Jesse Palacio,
    Mickee Lacerna,
    Mike Petereyns,
    Bill Owen,
    Toru Sekihuchi,
    Erik Bmods,
    Daz Babkin
    Contributors and Moderators: Hooded,
    EZ's PC's

    A Canada wide amateur PC modding competition to help grow the PC modding community in Canada. The competition will have amateur case modders/builders compete by going head to head with their projects. Once the competition is complete, the mods will be judged and the top 3 projects will take the prizes. No Purchase Necessary to Enter.

    1. Must live in Canada.
    2. Must be 18+ to enter.
    3. Must be builders original work.
    4. Must do project log on Dazmode forums.
    5. Must agree that any submitted build log images can be freely posted and/or published by Completion Sponsor and Organizers.
    6. No sponsored projects or modders are allowed in this competition. If you were already receiving sponsorships, it means you are passed your amateur stage and recognized for your advanced modding skills.
    7. Allowing builds planned and built in 2018 to enter (Any existing build logs must be redone in Competition Build Log sub forum)
    8. Only one entry per user allowed
    9. Winner selected by judges panel's combined vote
    10. Winner are responsible for any tax implications from receiving contest prizes.
    11. No purchase from DazMode is required to participate in this competition.

    Time Frame
    • Sign Up Starts: Tue. Sept 4th
    • Sign Up Deadline: Mon. Nov 5th, 11pm EST
    • Build Deadline: Mon. Dec. 4th, 11pm EST
    • Judging Starts: Mon. Dec 3rd
    • Winners Announced: Sat. Dec. 8th

    Judging Criteria
    1. Aesthetics = %25
    2. Skills = %25 (if outsourced work, if did work manually or machined etc.)
    3. Originality = %20
    4. Workmanship = %20
    5. Build Log Quality = %10

    Prizes Distribution Rules
    1. First Place Prize + 1st pick;
    2. Second Place Prize + 2nd Pick;
    3. Third Place Prize + 3rd Pick;
    4. Fourth to Tenth places will recive 1 pick from Prizes Pool

    Prizes Pool:

    1st Place
    1. Thermaltake Level 20 GT Computer Case
    2. Alhacool Modding Mat
    3. Mayhems Blitz Cleaning Kit
    4. Seasonic Prime Air Touch Gold 850W
    5. Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Motherboard
    6. First Free Pick

    2nd Place
    1. Thermaltake View 37 Computer case
    2. Alhacool Modding Mat
    3. Mayhems Blitz Cleaning Kit
    4. Seasomic Focus+ 850FX Gold
    5. Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Motherboard
    6. Second Free Pick

    3rd Place
    1. Thermaltake Core P5 T6 Titanium Computer case
    2. Alhacool Modding Mat
    3. Mayhems Blitz Cleaning KitMayhems Blitz Cleaning Kit
    4. Seasomic Focus+ 750FX Gold
    5. Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Motherboard
    6. Third Free Pick
    4th to 10th Place
    1. One Free pick in winning order, i.e. from 5th to 10th.

    Prizes Pool (Free Pick Winners)
    1. Mayhems Blitz Cleaning Kit
    2. Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Triple Radiator Complete kit
    3. Alphacool Eisbaer Complete CPU Cooling KIt
    4. Watercool Heatkiller CPU block (Intel)
    5. EKWB RGB 360 Complete Watercoling Kit
    6. EKWB Hard Tube Complete Watercooling Kit
    7. EKWB SLIM360 Complete Watercoling Kit
    8. EKWB Vardar RGB Fan (3 pack)
    9. EKWB Vardar RGB Fan (2 pack)
    10. EKWB Vardar RGB Fan (2 pack)
    11. EKWB Vardar RGB Fan (2 pack)
    12. TT RGB LED Kit
    13. TT RGB LED Kit

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    I have been planning on a build deadline of 11 PM December 4, but I just noticed that you describe this as Monday above. It is in fact Tuesday. Please confirm that we have until Tuesday December 4.



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      Due to a typo for the build completion date, we are allowing competitors to continue to update their build logs until
      Tuesday, Dec. 4th 2018 11 PM
      Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
      OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.
      Canadian Amateur Modding Competition


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