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Lanwar X Nov 25-27, 2016 @ Durham College/UOIT

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  • Lanwar X Nov 25-27, 2016 @ Durham College/UOIT

    Hello Community,

    I am a member of the Lanwar X club at Durham College/UOIT. I am also a Watercooling enthusiast.
    This Year's Lan party will be held from Nov 25 to Nov 27,2016 (that's right, 48 Hours). This is a BYOC event with spectator ticket options available. This event is open to anyone (student or non-student of DC/UOIT) and is to be held on Campus in Oshawa, ON
    There will be competitions, raffles, prizes and more at the event.
    There will also be vendors on site to give you the low-down on the latest and greatest. While I cannot release the vendor list as of yet. There are some big names that will be in attendance. (more details to follow at a later date)

    Team Competitions at the event to include:
    League of Legends
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    Starcraft II

    and for you Console fans.... Super Smash Bros.

    We will also be hosting many side tournaments of various games as well.

    You can check us out on Facebook or Twitter or at our official website below.
    Official for event details. You can also visit Eventbrite for ticket price information and to buy:

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them and I will try to answer. Buy your tickets early. The price goes up the closer it gets to the event.
    This is a fun event for both players and spectators alike. Hope to see you there.
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    Cool will check my work schedule to see if I can make it.
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      That would be great if you can make it. I am trying to get the word out now to give people enough time to make arrangments if need be. I have read that previously things were posted kind of last minute and I am here to try to change that.


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        ooooo! causally I would want to be able to build/mod something onsite. possible?
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          Originally posted by bungwirez View Post
          ooooo! causally I would want to be able to build/mod something onsite. possible?
          Well, I was wondering if Daz would want to be a vendor at the event and maybe do a demonstration?. As far as participants go, I am not sure how much room you will have to do that. I personally bought 2 tickets just so I can have 2 seats to bring my triple monitor set up. Perhaps you could convince Daz to come and colaborate with him at a vendor booth to mod/build. Let me know so I can check with our club presidant about verdor space. But I believe we still have vendor spots available as I am still looking for a local vendor to sell computer cables at the event (ie. ethernet, DVI, HDMI, etc.) I am told gamers seem to forget these things in a hurry to bring their rigs to the site.


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            To be completely honest, I went last year and it was even more dead than OCN. People did game like crazy, but did not give a damn about vendors booths. Spent there 6 hours and saw 5 people ....
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              I know how you feel Daz. I have read through the old posts. That is one of the main reasons I joined this club. I am an older gamer (30 something, closer to the 40 then 30) and I really hate the fact that when there is a LAN party, all the 20 somethings geek out so bad that they begin to have tunnel vision and not do anything else but game. Our vendors deserve respect and consideration as much as the gaming tournaments so I am trying to think of creative ways to get gamers to take time out from gaming and visit our vendors. I for one will definitely support you and I am even bringing my custom loop rig. I know that I alone is not enough. I am working on it. If you wish, we can continue this conversation privately to address concerns.