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  • New member/customer intro

    Good day everyone!

    New member here embarking on my first serious WC build in a very long time. I also just made my first and second purchase from Dazmode, and so far the experience has been great. My second order in is transit as we speak.

    Bit about me: I am approaching the big 50, started my love for computers with my TI99/4A and been working with them as a hobby turn career ever since. I was born in Kingston, but after college I moved to Ottawa as there was far more opportunities in IT. I currently work in IT security for the Government of Canada.

    I have been wanting to go back into a fully DIY custom cooled PC for some time, but finally decided to take the plunge. It will be a themed build "Angelus Sanguine" and will entail only rad painting as a mod.
    New system:
    Ryzen 3900X
    32GB Corsair 3200MHz Dominator RGB RAM
    Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master
    ASUS Vega 64 STRIX
    Lian LI PC-011 Dynamic XL - Black
    Corsair HX1000i PSU

    My cooling loop is a bit of a mix and match:
    3x 360 Coolstream SE rads
    Corsair pump/res combo
    Heatkiller IV waterblock
    EK STRIX Vega waterblock
    12mm OD Acrylic tubing
    Darkside fittings
    10x Corsair ML120 Pro RGB fans

    I already have the fans, and a significant Corsair ecosystem (Commander Pro, Node Pro, Strafe RGB Keyboard, Ironclaw Mouse, ST100 Headset stand, Void Pro Headset, MM800 mouse pad). The Corsair pump was choose mainly due to its iCUE compatibility. I currently have an ASUS board and its the last ASUS I will ever own, second one to have serious issues with its own software, which is the reason why I own the Commander Pro. I also have the Vega 64 and have no reason to change so will just block it.

    I have not worked with custom cooling for some time, so I am looking forward to the fun and frustration of tube bending. I went to AiO loops for ease, since I tend to upgrade a lot (I'm replacing a Ryzen 2700X), but that needs to change so with this investment my base system will be a long term build with the expectation every few years I'll change out my GPU.

    Theme: Angelus Sanguine
    Loosely inspired by the Viking torture method referred to as Blood Eagle. The black case, I will paint my top and bottom rads white, and splatter them with red paint and using a wooden stick scrawl the "Angelus" on the top rad and "Sanguine" on the bottom. The loop will be filled with EK Cryo Fuel Blood Red. The RGB fans, we when gaming I have them set to change based on Temps from green to red, but will play with what colour looks the best for non gaming and the theme. Probably the best part of RGB fans, you can really play until you find the colour you want for your theme.

    So long intro yes, but I jumped in big.
    I have known about Daz for some time, and when it came to finally do it, there was no other Canadian WC dealer like it so it was the obvious choice and with my first purchase it was less than a week from purchase to the box at my door. Smooth! 2nd order is in transit and if you remove weekends, will be same speed, truly great!

    Look forward to being a part of the community!

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    Welcome aboard.
    It sounds like an awesome build.
    Hope your planning a build log to share with us all
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      Welcome, great motherboard choice! You will enjoy it. Latest gen Ryzen is quite a leap over your 2700X in terms of memory speeds. Looking forward to your build!


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        Welcome to the club! Great to see Im not alone with soon reaching the Five-Ohhhhh "50 " milestone soon. Mine is still a year away though lol. Looking forward to seeing your journey on your build though, Im loving the concept!


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          Thanks for the welcome.

          Side note second order from Dazzie came and all was good.
          Little tip o the hate here, the packing was really good, the box was full of those annoying little bits but all sides and bottom lined with foam! outstanding!

          Build begins during vacation break over new year, still need a few parts yet.


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            Just reusing some packaging. Normally we dont have this kind. Delayed landfill action.
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              Nice to meet


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                Those little foam bits are kinda cool that Daz uses. you can either throw them in the recycling bin, compost or wash them down the sink Ive done all three but the sink is the coolest according to my son haha


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                  Yup, and pro tip: if you dissolve them with hot water, it smells a little bit like popcorn, since the biodegradable packing peanuts appear to be corn starch based.