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  • Leakshield?

    Check this out…


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    Its kind of interesting but not necessarily must have unit. Couple of us asked aquacomputer and its works up to certain flow rate. Basically if you have more than one reservoir and d5 it won’t work.

    Hence why some of the big watercoolers on the ocn optimus thread (we own ultitube because optimus is too expensive and it doesn’t support d5 nexts) didn’t order it. We jumped feet in for the next flow meter for example.

    If your interested in discussion about new watercooling products, optimus ocn thread is good. Its more of general watercooling thread than optimus really (they just come in and comment/post updates and ask our opinions on there in development products).
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      Other issue is with aquacomputer ecosystem is usb 2 header. They all use usb 2.0 internal headers and most mobos have two only. Meaning you need an hubby 7, aquabus cable or 5 pin to usb port cable to control/power. Keep that in mind too.


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        Thank you for the insight. I thought it was an interesting concept.


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          Had he used my system it would be accurate representation of the product since i have dual reservoir and more than dual d5.

          That and unlike his sponsored watercooling stuff he gets, mine is basically all of the top brands in the industry (not much ekwb) and stuff you can only import in. Its full aquacomputer ecosystem almost