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  • ImageShack

    Stay far away from ImageShack. I was using the site for a few years and uploaded a ton of pics I no longer have copies of. A few years ago they became a paid service. If you didnt pay within a specified period, your pics were held hostage until payment.

    Today I logged in to see blanc thumbnails of all the pics I had uploaded. Site indicates to access and view pics, pay and you will get your pics. Well, I paid with my CC and site now indicates I have a premium account. Problem is, all pics are still blanc. funny thing is, they all show with the names I gave them, but they are all blanc.

    This is an outright scam in my opinion. Prior to paying, they bait you will the properly named thumbnails to get you to pay, knowing they are not accessible to the user. Reading comments in there site, this is widespread and ImageShack has no interest in responding to any of the issues or comments posted in their own site. As shadey as shadey gets.

    Avoid this site. If you are using it, move to a different service.