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Need a GTX 780 (reference) Cooler

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  • Need a GTX 780 (reference) Cooler

    So I got this reference GTX 780 with a disgusting looking waterblock attached to it from ebay. Not intentionally, mind you. I ordered something else and they sent me this instead which is fine since ebay refunded me for my original purchase, being the wrong item and all. To my surprise though, the card is still functioning. Now I could clean the block and use this card in a loop but water cooling 8 year old components just doesn't make financial sense so I've been looking for an air cooler that would fit this thing.

    I got a reference 980 Ti cooler that almost fit but it would require some serious modifications which I would rather avoid, so if anyone got access to a reference 780 compatible air cooler or even the stock cooler, I'd happily take it off your hand as long as you don't ask an arm and a leg for it . Let me know folks.