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  • its been a while...

    Hey guys its been a good 3 or 4 years since computers interested me. Just got totally burnt out after building a giant PC with 2 loops and like 20 fans... so I've built a pc or 2 when i had to since then but never cared to post it or anything anymore. anyways now I'm into making models for 3d printing, and I hit the wall of only 16gb of ram. Blender just stops while the ram processes or whatever, and at this point I'm actually making money off this so I need to upgrade. (not a lot, but like $80 in 2 months, lol)
    so back when I built my last computer even crappy ram was expensive, so I ended up paying I think over $500 for 16gb. and it wasn't samsing b-die, like I wanted, it was E! I don't think the ram compatibility matters anymore but god dang it i'm gonna get me some b-die. after a lot of research I found a set of 2x16 sticks for just under $300.
    and then I found out AM5 is coming out this month. and the cpus are gonna have insane clocks of 5.7GHZ!!! the overclocker in me from back in the bulldozer days wet his pants. I really want one of the new chips on the new platform, but that means a whole new very expensive motherboard. I have the Asus x370 CH6, and the x670 version of that is gonna be.. a lot. and I just bought the DDR4. but the 5900x and 5950x both look appetizing compared to my 1700x. but then the 7900x is supposed to be like 1GHZ faster. thats cool! makes me excited about computers again.
    brings me back to looking at parts on every website for hours deciding what to build next.
    since I am about 50/50 workstation and gaming now I need a new cpu. 7900x, I can wait, pay like 2k for the ram and cpu and mobo, or I figure I should be practical, and since Blender 3.0 no longer supports openGL my 'only' 4 year old video card, vega 64, can't do gpu acceleration. I would need like a RTX5000 series or better, and the prices were looking bad. I've never been an nvidia fan but a used 2080 on ebay can be had for about $400, which I can use cuda with and its faster than the vega. for $700 you can get a 2080ti which also looks like a decent buy. having a tough time deciding since both would be an upgrade. prices of new cards have been insane since 2018. I just never could get the 1000 price tag when 600 was the top tier for years.
    and since keeping my current mobo is probably a better idea as well, the 5900x and 5950x both look like good options. not all workloads in blender are multi-threaded, but a lot are and the extra cores would help a lot on those loads. I'm having a hard time justifying it, I just want to say I have 16 cores.

    seems kinda quiet around here. I was hoping to enter the 2022 modding competition! I have to build a custom case for my 'htpc' soon anyways. having an mitx board in an atx case... ughhhhhh...
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    5950X would take care of you no problem. I'd say get that instead of upgrading mobo and RAM. it's pretty cheap these days too. Going for almost half the price at launch.


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      Hey Cyclops! yeah its a good price right now, but I was worried it might drop lower after zen 4 comes out. its currently been $500 off for months. just makes me wonder how many they have sitting around.
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        Well I'm sure in 10 years time you can have it on the used market for $100 or so bucks if you want to keep waiting


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          when everyone else has a 64 core cpu? not a chance! lol. Just picked up an rtx 2080 msi sea hawk for like $350 on ebay, not a bad deal if youre like me and need a wateblock.
          now to buy the most expensive cpu i've ever bought, even if it is on sale.
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