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whats the deal with EK pricing?

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  • whats the deal with EK pricing?

    water cooling has always been expensive, but I'm looking at some of the parts and the price is almost $700 for a gpu block!? what? at least for the 30 series the blocks go from 350 to over 650. and then it seems there was new 4090 blocks for sale at 99?
    and why are some CPU blocks over $300 as well? do they cool way better or something?
    reservoirs and pump tops have always been quite pricy as well, I can understand that some of the cooler flat res's are expensive. and I would have just been 'fine thats how it is' with GPU blocks but then the 4090 blocks were only 99? 99 is damn reasonable for a gpu block, even 5 years ago I would be happy with anything under 200.
    I still have 3 EK evo supremacy cpu blocks that cost about 100 each back in the day and they are still working great. hopefully they will have a bracket for AM5 if it's different than AM4 for my next upgrade in like 5 years.

    also since i'm here has anyone seen this?:
    I'd like to see an AMD version so I can pick one up used one day.
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    Welcome to inflation town.