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How would you watercool: Phanteks Evolv Shift?

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  • How would you watercool: Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    I'm sure all of you have seen it, but here the itx 'tower' Evolv Shift:

    I plan on doing a HTPC with a ryzen 2200G. I hope to get a rad in the top as well as the bottom because I've heard it is possible with a small enough rad. Fitting a reservoir would also be very difficult in the bottom... but as we here all know you don't really need one... anyways what would you guys build in this case? And what do you think of it? I like the shift better than the shift-X, feels like it defeats the point of itx and sfx psu.
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    Hey Necro. I really like both of these cases. For my use, if I was going to use it in the vertical position, I would go with the Shift. In the horizontal position , I would go with the Shift X. If using either horizontally, Watercool has a nice little 100ml reservoir / top for a DDC pump. (DDC- Tank LT) Hope you go with one of the Shifts. Would be an interesting build.
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