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Alternatives to the Thermaltake 900 tower (the popcorn machine)?

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  • Alternatives to the Thermaltake 900 tower (the popcorn machine)?

    Anyone who may be unfamiliar with it, this is what they look like:
    Click image for larger version

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    I got the itch to build another overblown custom loop as another PC and was looking forward to basing it around this case but it appears they've all but vanished. The only ones left are default white and at seriously inflated price points. I'm using a Thermaltake Level20XT right now and really like it but this 900 was my first choice back when I was deciding.

    What I'm looking for is something that can house a ridiculous rad setup (aiming for 2x480mm) and the vertical orientation of the motherboard is a really nice feature in my opinion. Kind of kicking myself for picking the 20XT last year but at the time I wasn't fully committed to doing a liquid loop which of course this 900 case is purpose built to accommodate. Anyone see anything similar out there?

    Sure, I could go with a more conventional case with a more modest radiator setup...but I don't want to.

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    I did a quick Google search and it seems just temporary sold out. PC-Canada sites says 1-2 weeks,
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      That's what I'm hoping, I've got a restock notification set for newegg. I looked it up on pcpartpicker and it looks like they'd bumped in price over the summer so that's got me worried that was a final run of them or something. I'm just kicking myself because I was thinking about buying that case in the fall just to have it around for future, doh!


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        I'm pretty sure this is the same case:
        Click image for larger version

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        The res potential is crazy


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          Newegg just restocked with them, woot! Yoink!


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            Hey Daz, did you ever finish your popcorn machine build?

            I'm curious what you went with for rad facing. I'm leaning on doing it so the rads pull from inside the case and aimed out each side. I just got my 560mm rads but discovered that the rads' outer casing is just a wee bit too wide to fit snugly on the insides of those mounting brackets. So if I keep my plan that'll reduce the space inside the rear cavity, not a total loss but not ideal either.

            One alt is I use the fans to pull instead of push but I have seen enough stats to know there is a small penalty to performance in doing so. It would maximize the amount of openness in the rear compartment though for sure by keeping the fans on the inside of those mounts.

            I'm just wary of having the fans draw from the sides to dump the exhaust into the rear cavity and hope the lone fan at the top can pull it out without too much heat bleeding back into the front compartment.

            I'm also wondering about your comment in your review of this case about having it send the air left->right or right->left with one side pulling and the other exhausting. Obvious the first rad's hot air would be pulled through the second one but maybe its worth it.

            I mean with 2x560mm rads I have a lot of heat room to be honest, I could afford to do something with less efficiency in order to achieve a better over-all plan.

            But yah, I'm curious what you went with, or did you abandon it?
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              Im currently looking at the phanteks enthoo elite or inwin 925 cases. Currently have a Caselabs TH10A that if i cant find a pedestal for will be selling it and moving on.


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                I wouldn't mind buying that Caselabs case from ya Repo!


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                  Hello....In the event that all EATX motherboards are various widths, how would you realize which case to purchase? Do all EATX motherboards utilize similar mounts? The board I requested is 10.375 inches wide.


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                    The case should advertise on it if it's large enough to support E-ATX motherboards.
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