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    Great looking build man! Super clean and well done


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      So been a few years

      I’ll make it short looking to upgrade my build

      already found a 6900xt with ek block n plate

      I know z690 is the newest intel chip

      but was looking at a ROG z590 hero xlll with the 11900k cpu and 32gb of ddr4

      I wanted the z590 because of the ekwb mono block they make for this board. Sounds petty but every new z690 mobo aren’t appealing and I can’t do the MSi dragon

      I think this will still be a up to date quality build that should run 1440p on my rog 32” monitor

      I’m currently playing elden ring in 1080p this game is whay showed me it may be time for a update “ I know this game has some stuttering issues”

      anyways thoughts opinions should I just throw the 6900xt in my current build ?

      4790k dual 980tis and 16gb ddr3 currently


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        Doesn’t matter what you get. In 2024/2025, you will want lunarlake/amd equivalent. Current DDR5 will be replaced too (too high latency and timings for first gen). Budget build is my advice. Do 12400/12600 DDR4 or 5600G build.

        Me and couple people are working with singularity computer on custom distro reservoir that mount on caselabs flexbay with support for dual pumps, etc. May interest you.


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          Ya that’s why I’m kinda leaning towards ddr4 ram prices are outrageous I feel like I could get a good gaming rig out of even a 10850k z590 board and 64mb of ddr4 3200 paired with the 6900xt it’s got to be leaps above my 4790k/ 980ti sli system


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            Also considering the new PSU connector (12+4) coming for incoming GPU. Best to go cheap since we will need to replace everything in 2024/2025. Gen 5 NVME also and the inevitable new water cooling products. Sit Tight and save up for those purchases. I would do cheap as possible upgrade that won't limit your 6900xt performance. There will be affordable 4k 32inch Gaming monitors by then.