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New to water cooling - now I've got the water-cooling bug!

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    Wow, EZ! I didn't invest that much into it, thankfully!


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      Sweet Rig and that setup. Sure beats the hell out of my Microsoft Sidewinder compatible with Win98 lol. I actually just received a game for Christmas. IL 2 Sturmovik : Battle for Stalingrad. Man it looks like such a good game but there's a bug Specific to the GTX 780 so I'm pooched till I get a new System. No fixes in sight. Even if I could just have those pedals for the rudder. Anyway. You did yourself well on this one.


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        Thanks, MemBusX!

        The controllers make a big difference in flight sims, if you can afford the investment. The rudder pedals are MFG Crosswinds - fully adjustable with different CAMS that can be installed to adjust the feel of them. Very precise and a huge step-up from Saitek or even the CH Pro Flight pedals. Especially noticeable in helicopters in DCS and the ol' taildraggers featured in IL2. (Great sim as well, btw!)

        Sucks that your 780 has an issue with IL2. Hope they can find a fix for that soon!



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          Well, it’s been a couple of years since I made any changes, so it was time for another evolution of my build.

          Added a vertical GPU mount for my newly acquired RTX 3090, under an EK vector block.

          Tried to get a 5900X to swap with my 3900X, but alas, no luck finding one anywhere.

          As usual things tend to snowball. This change started with a monitor upgrade and then I realized my 1080Ti couldn’t handle it. LOL


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            Nice, that looks great! Love the curved tube to the CPU!


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              Thanks Bart. Yea, that horseshoe bend was a bugger! Took me 4 tries, lol. Was on my last tube of PETG when I finally got it right. Whew...


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                Nice build sir. Got excited when i saw the TT gt case in the first pic and though it was a mod for it. (was my first case I water cooled in), but I have to admit that new case is very slick and the bend on the cpu to GPU block is a nice touch.
                Orange GT Build
                Orange V8 GT Build
                Ice Phoenix Build


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                  Very cool.
                  When ever I saw an EVGA case on Newegg it never really had any impact on me, but when I see it here I think
                  Your loop is very neat too, no shame in soft tube btw. When ever I manage to find a GPU I'll be going from hard tube back to soft tube in my next upgrade. Just depends on the look you're going for.


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                    Nice upgrade. Looks good and clean!


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                      I have an EVGA DG-77, it is a nice case but required modding for airflow and upper rad support. Glad to see they have made improvements. Speaking of improvements, the upgrade to hard tubing looks sweet! And the vertical mount and block look nice.

                      Hmmm. Should I be concerned that I have been thinking about upgrading my monitor?


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                        Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you all like it!

                        The DG-86 is nice. I just wish it had a glass front instead of the plexi.

                        Couple changes lately. Finally got my hands on an 5800X so threw that in.

                        Also got one of EKWB's new active backplates for the EVGA XC3 RTX3090, as the memory temps are out of control with a passive backplate. Sadly, they shipped the wrong screws, so that was a total waste of time.

                        @Daz, you may want to be aware of this. Evidently it's been a common issue with these active backplates. The instructions call for M2.5 X 8MM screws, but the packages are all shipping with M2.5 X 7MM. I'm waiting for EK to respond to my request for new screws.

                        There's a reddit topic on this here >>XC3 Active Backplate : EKWB (

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                          Some updates coming to my build. Yet another evolution.

                          It started with an active 3090 gpu backplate that EK sent the wrong screws for. (Finally have the right ones now and ready to complete that install.)

                          Recently my 5800x has been running rather toasty at 75C under load, which has gotten me concerned. So I figure it’s time for a full loop rebuild to see if the block is plugged up or something.

                          While I’m at it, I figured I’d put in new 420 rads, Lianli SL140 fans, aquacomputer temp/flow sensor, bitspower filter and finally some nice looking power cables!

                          all of this of course means… new hard tubes.


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                            Well this is as far as I got before covid shot #2 started kicking my butt…

                            Can’t imagine that little bit of gunk in my cpu block caused the temp issues I’ve been having. The thermal paste I used last time may have sat too long. It was an old tube of MX2 and was slightly chalky when I cleaned it off. Put some new MX4 on this time.

                            I wasn’t sure if I’d like the white fans, but I think they look good in combination with the new cable extensions.

                            I may cheat and use some soft tube in the basement between the pump, filter and drain valve. Should I be ashamed? Lol. Not much wiggle room down there, and I think having flexible lines will make cleaning the filter easier.


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                              Never be ashamed to mix tube Mack, most of us with large rigs do that all the time. I'd lose my mind trying to hard tube a Case Labs case with 5 or 6 radiators, with a pedestal compartment. Soft tube just makes the most sense, particularly in the 'dirty areas'.


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                                Thanks Bart!