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  • Saga to Tower Ryzen

    This Build has been going on for some time.. and it's almost over (God i Hope So)

    So after months of waiting for back ordered parts, i finally got everything delivered 4 days after getting a rush hernia surgery.

    As i had just had surgery, i was bed ridden for 2 weeks and could only stare at the parts.

    The moment i was able to be out of bed i had the main parts assembled and was running it on my coffee table and installing the OS and testing some games with a temp video card and CPU fan
    Click image for larger version

Name:	skinnyb1979_2_7_2017_0_17_33_371.jpg
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    Once finally cleared by my doctor to go back to work and start picking up weight again.. i started on the case mods and assembling everything into the case.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	skinnyb1979_2_7_2017_0_17_42_250.jpg
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    Then on to the Tubing.. the back wasn't so hard as it's all soft tube...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	skinnyb1979_2_7_2017_0_18_11_511.jpg
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    but this was my first PETG tube attempt.. I think it turned out okay, but i could probably do better but i already wasted a lot of tube on oops.
    Finished and tested the Black Lights.. Filled and Bleed the loops.. let them leek test and bleed for 3 days...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	skinnyb1979_2_7_2017_0_18_29_810.jpg
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    This is where everything went wrong

    Plug everything in.. get a light on the motherboard power button.. push the button and NOTHING.. no post no fans no noise.. NOTHING
    So i started eliminating what had changed and what could cause it not to post..
    • unplug the power supply a try another (nope)..
    • drain and remove the GTX 1070 and plug the temp video card back in (nope)
    • drain and start removing the EK Supremacy EVO cpu block... noticed one of the standoffs mounts that goes through to the backplate has popped off... Remove the mounts and backplate and remount.. reinstall the CPU block and fill and bleed cpu loop... try and post (nope)
    • redrain the CPU Block and again notice that another one of the standoff mounts had popped off
    • Pull Motherboard from the Case and remove the EK mounts and backplate and reassembled the AMD stock backplate... Install my temp cpu fan.. assemble all the parts outside of the case and it finally posts..
    • Assemble all the parts into the case with the temp video card and cpu fan and still posts..

    It would seem like it was something to do with the EK AM4 mount/backplate (i've never had those standoff pop off the backplate before)

    So do i leave the CPU Fan in the system and just do a 1 loop setup just for the video card... or do i Buy and Install the Monoblock they just released for the motherboard... lol we all know i'm going to go with the mono block.. which means redoing the tubing for the CPU but i didn't really like it that much anyway..

    I'll Update with the Final Pictures when the Monoblock gets here and is installed

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    Nice looking build.
    Picking up that case is probably what gave you a hernia LOL.
    Very strange to have those standoffs popping off.
    Monoblock should look awesome
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      Ya some of the early am4 mounts were causing problems and some guys were pressuring the blocks to get there boards to boot I remember. Mono block should look sweet though, and a second round at the tube runs is always better in the end usually.


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        Looking good. This case is huge.
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          I would contact EK, they sent me replacement mounting hardware for free.

          Build looks sweet, I like the dual loops with the UV!
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            Nothing like one of those "shit your pants" moments right after finishing a build and hitting the on button for the first time. Glad it worked out though! Turned out nice. I wouldn't have attempted those long crazy bends though, since I completely suck at tube bending! Thankfully tube is *relatively* cheap. That is one big ass case!

            P.S. Go Flames Go!