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[Build Log] -------- Black Mirror ------- a build for Asus

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  • [Build Log] -------- Black Mirror ------- a build for Asus

    Hi everyone

    Asus contacted me to do another build for the launch of the new Maximus XI motherboard

    again cant refuse,

    for this one i tried to keep the board line with the tubing and design
    and first time with copper chromed tubing

    for sure they ask me to do RGB,
    promise the next one will be RGBless

    first, want to say a HUGE thanks to
    Asus Republic of Gamers
    and Watercool
    for precious help in the project

    Intel I5-9600k
    Z390 Maximus XI Formula
    16gb of Teamgroups Delta RGB 3000Mhz
    Teadmgroups SSDs (nvme m.2 and Delta RGB)
    Asus ROG Strix GTX1070Ti
    Coolermaster H500M
    Asus ROG Thor 850w PSU
    Watercool Waterblock, Reservoir, pump and radiator
    all Darkside chrome silver fittings
    Darkside copper chrome 12mm tubing
    Asus ROG ARGB led strips

    the build have only one 360 this rad in front and only 2 x 200mm fan
    no other fan for exhaust or intake, only the 2 front 200mm
    and temp are really great

    CPU I5-9600k "no OC" out of the box
    after 30 minute of realbench
    ambient temp 21c
    max temp, 57C

    GPU Strix GTX1070ti "no custom OC" out of the box
    after 30 of Unigine heaven
    ambient 21c
    max temp, 46C

    here the first draft of the photoshoot

    the first one is just for Daz

    and the last one to show you the top, where i replicate the PCH RGB Mled effect from the motherboard

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    Beautiful looking machine snef. Really good to hear that it is well-cooled with just the two 200 mm front fans. May have to rethink the whole fan thing. How fast are they spinning?
    The SLOB A 3570K Build
    Node 804 A 2600K Build
    V-353 A 4770K Build


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      Thanks a lot

      I set them to spin between 700rpm and a bit higher if needed but never happen at this time


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        Gorgeous build! I normally don't care for RGB, but the way the light reflects off the tubing & fittings on this build - it looks fantastic! Great job, Snef!


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          Looks good, really good! Chrome cooper tubing gives the build a military tough feel. It looks solid. "I'd like to see the behind the scenes pics" back side and top side of the through case parts.


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            nice build snef, chrome really sets off the colours, like the layout it matches the board nice


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              Thanks a lot,

              im really not a fan of rainbow RGB but this one i keep it like picture, it give a very great effect with chrome tubing

              for back and top pics

              the back is simply empty, no wire are visible, i generally do back pics but this have absolutely no interest
              for top, i put a mirror windows film on top windows , same i used to do the RGB lights on top
              but maybe remove to to show the tubing and light box i made

              a very small video i did

              i really need good quality camera gear and learn how to film