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TJ07 Retro Build

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  • TJ07 Retro Build

    Rebuilding my main system with new case and new GPU!

    Retro Build: Build Log,
    Baby Blue Build: Build Log,
    Green Lanten Build: Build Log,
    Sentinel Build: Build Log,
    Venom Build: Build Log,
    Silent Sniper Build: Final Video,
    Orange Build: Final Video
    HTPC Build: Final Video

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    LOL awesome video again Daz! CoolerMaster or Silverstone I'm still jealous of that case lol. I've always been a big fan of that one but was never able to buy one. Oh and one more thing, if the filter in front of the fan controller screen still doesn't appeal to you, go to any automotive parts store (even Canadian Tire) and pick up some cheap one way mirror automotive window film and try that with the mirror side facing out. I've seen and used that trick a couple times and usually works pretty good.


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      I love that case, such a classic!