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  • Threadripper Build - Indigo Violence

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen! And Daz! Welcome to my Threadripper build!

    Back story: Lately I've been feeling the urge for PCIE lanes. My current daily driver is a beast of a machine, it's a 12 core Ryzen 3900X on a Gigabyte Aorus Master. But platforms outside of HEDT are lacking if you have an NVME-storage-boner like I do. Especially since I run dual GPUs. Another factor in this build was size. My current rig is MAMMOTH. Plus I've used it for several builds in a row. As functional as this baby is, it does lack in the aesthetic department, in addition to being a pain in the lower back to move around. So I also wanted to downsize a bit, but also maintain a decent amount of radiator space.

    This is my Big Rig, a Case Labs Magnum M8, with pedestal (and 5 radiators):

    Now as much as I love this rig, I have had dreams of big fast NVME storage for quite some time now. Plus being a dual GPU guy, lack of PCIE lanes is becoming an issue for me. #firstworldproblems, I know, but I got me a hankering for a serious workstation, with assloads of storage, and very few cables. So I have decided that X570 was not the right move for me, as kick ass as it really is. Plus with me wanting to downsize the case, it all added up to one SERIOUS pile of money.

    I mean that literally. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the pile:

    So I guess we should start with the specs:

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16-core
    Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme motherboard (wanted that 10gbe)
    64GB (16GB x 4) G.Skill TridentZ Royal_Bling_Gaudy_Pimpage 3600mhz CL16-16-16-36
    NVME storage: ADATA SX9200 Pro 2TB x 3 (all invisible with no cables, giggity giggity)
    PSU: undetermined, but most likely re-using an EVGA G2 1000W from my current rig
    CASE: Lian-Li PCO11 Dynamic XL in white
    GPUs: I will be re-using a pair of 1080TI’s

    CPU block: Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro RGB block
    Radiators: Darkside LP360 slim x 3
    FANS: Fractal Design Prisma AL12 120mm RGB fans x 7 (because 2.87mm/H20, & RGB with no ecosystem, looking at you Corsair crap)
    Also might use some Gentle Typhoons for air flow in the rear, not sure yet, but 10 fans total, controller by two different controllers. The visible fans will all be RGB Fractals.
    Pumps / reservoir: dual D5 variable pumps on a Singularity Computers Resonance dual loop distro plate, configured in a single loop. More on this later, it’s a piece of work!
    GPU blocks: HeatKiller IV, with EBC back plates (black). I already have the GPUs, plates are incoming.

    You may ask "why didn't I wait for new Threadripper"? Well I didn't like the entry price for one, and I'm build horny NOW, for two. I'll be building this over the next few days.

    It began this evening actually, with the motherboard / CPU / RAM. Layed out the parts:

    When your CPU comes with a torque wrench, you know you're in for a good time:

    After nearly pooping my pants , and wishing death multiple times over on Foxconn, the CPU is installed. Err, I hope.

    Next step, NVME drives. ADATA SX9200 Pro 2TB x 3:

    Stripping her nekkid:

    Then I lathered up the CPU with some 2019 Arctic Cooling MX-4 (I am a spreader):

    Then fitted the CPU block, which was almost as much of a pain in the ass as the CPU install:

    Now this is the part that some of you may revile and/or laugh at. We'll start with le sexy box:

    Followed by le sexy specs:

    Bling bling bling bling (because 4 DIMMs):

    Got out the rubber gloves (giggity), and got it installed without fingerprints:

    There is an ABSURD amount of money in a very small space here:

    More to come!
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    Very nice specs. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.


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      Yeah that didn't work out so well, LOL! Stomach issues cut into my time, but I managed to at least make sure the gear actually works, and get it looped up temporarily. It runs, but I made a huge impulse buying mistake with a dual D5 Singularity Computers Resonance pump top / distro plate thingy. And this is NOT the proper build for it. It's just too damn big, and also makes me realize I am never buying a distro plate again until someone makes one that can handle a D5 pump at full blast, with no bubbles.

      Color me unimpressed with this large thing. Siskel and eBart give it two thumbs DOWN (for lack of flow capability, and "overly sleeved" wires for the LED strip, which actually just FELL OFF, LOL):

      That will be replaced. The included LED strip broke almost immediately , so it's not lit up. But here's how it stands at the moment (only running one pump, at low speed):

      Positive points: turns out the RAM isn't nearly as gaudy as I thought it would be! Plus the HeatKiller TR4 CPU block looks amazing.

      I will redo some of this pipe when I ditch that Resonance thing. Shame, since I like all these L's.

      The motherboard is a serious piece of gear too. I know a lot of workstation guys hated on it, due to all the RGB, but it's a beastly board.

      So you want to have 10 RGB fans in a build do you....I had to remove both drive cages just to THINK about the first boot.

      To Do List:

      1) replace Resonance with a single HeatKiller D5 pump top / reservoir combo.
      2) redo the tube routes, keeping as much as I can (because I'm not good with tube bending).
      3) proper cable management of those RGB fans (shudder).
      4) make sleeved extensions (shudder) for PSU / GPU cables in purple / black.


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        Congrats on the new rig! I have three 2990WX's running the Watercool water blocks and LOVE them They are huge but look awesome and are very good at cooling!
        Thats too bad about the Singularity distro though, I would have expected more from them. You should contact them as I think they should send you another RGB strip.


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          Thanks man! If the RGB strip was the only problem, I would. The problem is flow, and that problem exists on every distro plate. Those things just can't have enough of a reservoir to allow bubbles to escape, so they get sucked back into the pump, and it's a constant bubble show. If you slow the pump to a crawl, trying to solve that, you get a huge air bubble in the CPU block, since the flow is too slow to split properly in the HeatKiller block. These things look pretty, but the functional side sucks, LOL.


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            Hey folks, I haven't given up yet. Just waiting for a rather key piece of the puzzle, and it arrived unexpectedly at my door on Sunday. I already had a HeatKiller reservoir, but I didn't have a D5 pump mount for it. Also, I wanted to run a shorter tube than my current reservoir, so all that leads me to this beauty, which fits in perfectly with the build. HeatKiller reservoir with 150ml tube, and D5 pump mount:

            Won't be any bubbles in this baby, even with twelve D5s at full blast! But it doesn't have RGB, and this will be a dimly lit part of the case. So I decided to sneak some Argy Bargy's in behind the new reservoir. I had a Barrow RAM block kit that I wasn't using, and it has a really nice and bright (and small) RGB strip, so I pilfered it and stuck it in the least visible part of the tube I could find:

            Since my stomach has been feeling better, I also felt up to doing some cabling, so I remade my PSU / GPU extensions from my previous red build. I used pre-sleeved / pre-pinned cables (which cost about 50 cents each for a 12" length), then pair them up with cheap black connectors and some cable combs. DIY extensions for uber cheap! I also sleeved a used D5 vario I just bought (that thankfully has no tach cable, never use those things). The color scheme is purple / black, with a touch of white to tie in the case. The coolant will be EK Cryofuel, in Indigo Violet. Results:

            PSU extension looks nice enough:

            The joys of sleeving. Thank god snooker was on this weekend!

            Of course the loop has to change with the new single D5 HeatKiller reservoir, so I flipped the middle rad so the ports are up top this time. Hopefully if I pull this off, the loop will look good. I have something specific in mind, and I'm not a multi-bend tube guy, so I might need more fittings, We shall see. We start with the pump outlet, which will push directly into the top right port of the middle radiator:

            Had to use an offset fitting, otherwise the tube was off, and OCD was NOT having THAT! Thank god these fittings were cheap, and I had picked up 4 of them a few months back, since they looked handy:

            Had to twist-tie the PSU extension in place to 'tame' it:

            Making progress:

            I am digging this color scheme a LOT:

            With the middle rad installed, I had to now find a way to route the bottom rad to the top inlet of the reservoir. I thought this was going to be tricky (and potentially ugly), but I found a way to pull it off so that my OCD was not displeased:

            From the side, I can make the tubes align. OCD is pleased:

            This bottom connection piece has to be cocked out like this so that the tubes align from both the front and side view. At first this bugged me, but then I realized this is a perfect place to put a drain. Bazinga!

            More to come soon! Bonus pic of crazy RAID0 benchmarks:


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              Cool Beans brother! Your rig is looking great and loving the commentary lol


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                Thanks man, LOL!

                So I actually took the day off work so I could get some work done on this thing. It's become an obsession! Plus I'm not the quickest guy when it comes to cable management, and this build has LOADS of cables, so I had lots to do.

                I began by removing the top radiator, for cleanup and to make room for other stuff.

                Then the RGB cable cleanup. I tried to keep as much of the RGB cable mess tied to the radiator, hidden away and more importantly, not clogging up the rear of the case. Did this for the bottom radiator too.

                Once I tided up that mess, I moved onto finishing the loop. Thankfully the ports on the TR4 block are reasonably far apart. Since I'm using 16mm fittings, and those things are fat, it's hard to do things like this:

                Since I'm not good with tube bending, and prefer single bend 90 degree angles, I used a pile of extensions, particularly on the top left rad port, which will run to the CPU:

                Like a lot of other areas of this build, it's a tight fit:

                A few moments later:

                They aren't perfectly aligned, but it's not driving me insane...yet.

                Changed the position of the flow and temperature meters:

                I either have a fetish for the letter L or the letter J, not quite sure:

                Alignment isn't perfect like I said, but it'll do donkey, it'll do:

                And the Bart said "let there be coolant", and there was coolant:

                That coolant is EK CryoFuel, in Indigo Violet, but it also picked up some red from my previous build. That happens when you don't properly flush your radiators between builds, DOH! So I added 10 drops of blue dye. The color is hard to capture on camera, especially when you suck at cameras:

                I swapped out the 3 Fractal Design RGB fans in the rear for 3 Darkside Gentle Typhoons. The 3-pin Fractal variants don't have good static pressure like their PWM brothers, so the Typhoons are better for the middle radiator. Not to mention less cable headaches. The 3-pin Typhoons are connected to a 3-1 splitter, and will run off one of the combo fan / pump headers on the motherboard:

                Now I will give my back a break, eat some supper, then finish off the 'ugly side' of the cable management / PSU. More to come soon!


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                  She's done. I'm naming it 'Indigo Violence', both for the color, and for how angry I got throughout this build, LOL! Ran into some roadblocks in that Singularity Computers Resonance thing, but I'm glad it ended this way. Now I pretty much have a full HeatKiller build, with the CPU / GPU blocks / back plates / reservoir, all in matching black. That could not have worked out better. It's the most powerful system I've ever built in all my years , and she looks very pretty in person. The lighting needs a bit of work, but that's minor. Other than that, it's done!

                  Now I can finally see what this beast can do!!


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                    Killed it Bart! Well done,
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                      Great job man! Your finished rig looks awesome


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                        Thank you gentlemen! Now if only I could take better pics of this thing!! Need to work on the lighting first though, the reservoir isn't properly back lit. That entire area is a bit dark, so there's some tinkering to do yet. But hopefully I won't have to drain the loop. If I DO, I just KNOW I'm gonna end up evening out the T-shape coming out of the CPU block. That would require me dropping the reservoir / middle radiator by 2-3mm, dropping the bottom of the D5 pump dangerous close to the bottom row of fans. But it can be done. For now, I'm just going to enjoy 16 cores at under 75C.


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                            Purple never gets old in your builds Bart. Looks good. Purple Royalty


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                              Originally posted by MemBusX View Post
                              Purple never gets old in your builds Bart. Looks good. Purple Royalty
                              Thanks buddy. Still not sick of purple yet. It seems to go with everything.

                              Daz: because I hate EK parts and don't even want those for free, LOL!