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    Originally posted by Rhoadspc View Post
    Looks cool man, some nice designs !
    So you think the first two would be possible to make? Depending on what you think is possible, I will email you with more details soon. But the 1st one would be around 40cm x 40cmm x 3-5mm thickness to fit on the tempered glass and 2nd one would have to be 15cm wide at most to fit on the front panel. Basically, the black parts are in pvc and the white part well, nothing lol. Have to see through like you did with the venom build but I don't want it painted.


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      Well, I probably won't have enough time to get them and install them but might actually order these and give it with the rig when the time comes. Really looking good! Click image for larger version

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        The Optimus ones are the best fittngs currently on the market. I really like them despite the extra work I got to do.


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          I dont have issue with the quality of any type of fittings or brands. It's all about personal tastes and availability. Ideally, I'd love to stick to what Dazmode have in stock because it's a canadian business and want to encourage him. The one i showed here are interesting because it would fit with the theme and would give a good steampunk look. Mind showing me which one you are talking about please?


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            Lately i got couple of bp fittings that get stuck and i cant remove the adapters or lids without severely damaging the paint.

            I have tried the 12mm bp premium (old models -better but o-ring), bp regular (headache for brass tubing) and recently the new bp advanced fittings (found the rubber/metal locking ring to be more difficult to work with). Of them all The gasket locking mechanism of the optimus is the best.

            The silver one is the optimus, blue is bp premium (aluminum top) and white is bp advanced.

            (Here it is with optimus ht fittings and 12mm BP Brass Tubing in it)

            You can see in the external rad how one of the fitting is not exactly flush. However i let it go because i rather not drain and refill the external rad again.
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              Ok. I know those one yes. Personaly, I'd prefer the ones from bitspower or the new ones from EK tho. I know they are good. Even Barrow recently released that type but meh...


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                Cant wait to see your final results


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                  rofl almost 500 views and i'm not done yet...

                  Anyways, i can finally start bending!!! I will also be frosting the tubes. Still have to order the second pump and a few more fittings and blue coolant for dual loop which will be Monday! Can't wait! Then i will contact Rhoadspc for the 2 final mods then making my nephew real happy and i will be abble to leave this world with a peace of mind hehe! Very happy i can actually manage to complete it!​​​​​​​


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                    Latest order passed on September 1st.
                    Order processed and shipped on September 1st.
                    Shipment received on September 2nd!

                    Less than 24hours! Thanks Daz for fast and great services!

                    Apparently missing a couple more parts but i won't be the one ordering them anymore. Most likely, i won't be abble to get him and install the 30 series gpu's so im going to give him the money and he will get them eventually along with the gpu blocks. He is starting his flight lessons soon so he will need to practice at home. I want to make a 6 screen set-up for the simulator so hopefully 2 RTX 2080 will be enough over a 3090...

                    im still gona install the hard-line tubing tho. Starting tomorrow if i feel good enough.


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                      Rhoadspc i haven't forgot you buddy. Budget is just a little slim right now but if your offer still hold, i will email you soon for the little mods we spoke about!


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                        Well, everything is out of the case now for the dual loop upgrade and hard tubing.. decided to move the top radiator on the side panel instead for better cooling and less restriction on the exhaust fans.

                        Now i cant decide if i should install the cpu block in default position or "goofy"(90 rotation)... I don't expect answers but anyone have any thoughts on that?