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    Received the mb two days ago. That box is huge with the monoblock and leak tester inside! Sadly i had to contact EK support because somethings wrong with the block. I was very impressed how fast things went. Had to contact them a couple times in the past. Service was fast but not that fast. Parts already on the way. After sending them pictures I will show here, the agent i spoke with decided to send replacement, carbon fiber plates since I have to remove it before i can reach all the screws. Probably 2 or 3 of them so my nephew wont have to contact them again on maintenance day. Also sending me a bunch of badges since those too might get damaged on the dismantling process. And finally, they are sending the acrylic top because they dont know what is that white powder in the block. Most likely some leftover from machining i think but they don't want to take any chances.

    So i have to wait untill i receive these parts to go on rebuilding again but at least I didn't have to go through the whole RMA process which will make things much faster. In any case i would have to wait anyways because the 10850k got delayed until December 9th. Grrr.

    Now I'm looking at the 3 cases i have here and none will work... too small for dual loop with 4 rads... I'm not going for single loop for sure after the 10k invested in this project.. so i need to figure something out because no funds for either a TT W00/WP100 or a Corsair obsidian 1000D. If my stuff would sell, maybe i could afford it but right now, I'm at the edge of my breaking point. So many things gone wrong with this build. Like everything is againts me... anyways, couple pics... Click image for larger version

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      Couple more... oh and got like 5 or 6 leak testers now so i might sell a few...

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Glad EK support did something good for you! Personally I dislike most of their product line, and will not use their CPU / GPU blocks at all, unless they're my only option. Their QC has stunk for years now, but good to see their support stepping up to make up for it.


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          Originally posted by Bartacus View Post
          Glad EK support did something good for you! Personally I dislike most of their product line, and will not use their CPU / GPU blocks at all, unless they're my only option. Their QC has stunk for years now, but good to see their support stepping up to make up for it.
          Yeah. Less than 12 hours for first answer actually. Opened the ticket before bed and when i woke up, already had a reply. Then less than 48 hours and problem is solved. Pretty satisfied even tho i cant do anything since i need to wait for parts. Usually takes about a week to get them. And I'm still waiting on cpu so it's no big deal lol!

          While waiting, i decided to start moding.. was going to carbon fiber the case to fit the motherboard but decided it would just be too much of it. I trashed the carbon fiber i bought on Amazon and a friend who owns a car modding shop gave me very high quality one. Very expenssive stuff but can sustain way more heat. Going to mod the 4 rads and the PSU hehe. Couple pics to come...

          Click image for larger version

Name:	20201204_151431.jpg
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ID:	92557 obviously, that's before... then...
          Click image for larger version

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Name:	20201205_085049.jpg
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          Results are not perfect but i Haven't used carbon fiber often. Still love the look it gives the radiators!


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            Well, someone on facebook had the kindness to say it looks hideous but it's ok. We all have different tastes and as long as my nephew likes it, i will be happy and feel like the jobs done. So anyways, a bit more updates. Nope sorry it doesn't make a turbo sound!

            Click image for larger version

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Name:	20201208_133301.jpg
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            I was also told it is not "real" carbon fiber. So i guess it means it's just crap and I should throw everything in the trash! At leadt i will be less stupid when I go to bed tonight... anyways, people can be rude sometimes but i dont care anymore. This will be my last project and for someone really dear to me so screw the negative people. I'm proud of my work and investment in that project. Put all the last bit of strength i have left into it...


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              You mean its your last project until the next one right? excellent work IMO. some folks just don't get it.
              HAF932 Mods
              C70 Mods


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                Thank you. It's really appreciated! Temporarily installed them in the x71 case and I think it will be to the tastes of my nephew. Dont look at the cables, everything is being removed until I receive the cpu. I was supposed to get it on December 3 but keeps getting delayed. EK sent me the replacement parts to fix the block and it will be here before lol!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	20201211_144550.jpg
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                Sadly, I've learned about a cancer a couple months ago which is genetic and can't be cured because of a mass between my lungs so docs said I could have 2 days, 2 months, two years depends how the chemio will do and so far, I'm still on my legs! :-)

                so hum yep it will be my last ever lol. It should already be completed but never satisfied because I'm always a couple inches short to fit the dual loop. Trying to find the right case used but no luck so far grrr.


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                  Finally! Received the 10850k this morning after many weeks waiting after Canada Post.... Again!
                  EK sent me the parts to fix the monoblock on December 11th.. Guess when it came in... yup! December 14th!!! That was crazy fast since it was shipped from Slovenia! I also got the carbon fiber wraps along some other stuff from Amazon today!
                  here is a couple photos...
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20201215_123410.jpg
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Name:	20201214_113621.jpg
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                  I usually use Fujipoly thermal pads for VRM and gpu's but since i was placing an order on Amazon, figured i could try this one.. Anyone ever tried em? Click image for larger version

Name:	20201215_210333.jpg
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ID:	92743

                  Was sick today so i couldn't do much. Actually didnt do anything outside installing the cpu and preping the 60mm rad for modding.. hoping tomorrow will be better since i pretty much have everything to complete the pc outside a couple fans and of course the right cases!! See y'all!!!


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                    Oh! Here's a screenshot of all the places the parts from EK stoped by...
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	SmartSelect_20201214-113030_Samsung Internet.jpg
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ID:	92745

                    And used some left over to do some testing.. thought i could try it on tubes... I know I'm probably wont get an answer for my 2 last questions but think it would be too much since i already have carbon look on the motherboard, the 4 rads and PSU?

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20201215_223659.jpg
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                      Almost 1000 views! Wow! Here's some little progress on the mods. Still nothing big or major but not much to do until I get the monster case..

                      With the carbon fiber look done on parts I went ahead with "part 2" of mods. Going to give a little "aging" look to the build. Right now only did it on a couple small pieces but I plan to do it on the case and fans. Gona start doing it on them once the big and hopefully, last case comes in...

                      Those little EK holders have been really useful for me recently as it makes moving in and outa the reservoirs from the case really fast and easy when testing stuff. Also very useful for tight spaces and small cases. But they look a bit plain just like that and it's hard to see the logo. I was just going to paint the said logo but I went with a different technique and actually like it like that. Also like I said, it fits the theme of the build.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20201217_035405.jpg
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ID:	92914
                      Last carbon fiber radiator done!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20201217_175452.jpg
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ID:	92915
                      Monoblock is repaired and now installed with the 10850k :-)

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20201217_133845.jpg
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ID:	92916
                      Thats one thick jetplate in that monoblock!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20201223_094819.jpg
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ID:	92917
                      That's the holders I'm talking about. The "before" picture.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20201223_094733.jpg
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ID:	92918
                      And finally, the "after" result of the little "aging" mods. We can deff see the logo much more now too.

                      It's not big modding but once all the small mods will be put together in the right case, I think the final result will be decent. Now only waiting to have like 100$ I'm missing to order the case which should come in next Friday. Sadly, the case I need might be backorder again... Memory express had restocked a couple days ago but it's already have only 3 left in stock last time I checked. No idea what I will do if it gets backorder before I have time to order one!


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                        Oh gosh! 1024 views! Nice milestone. Got notification today. I will probably receive the TT Core P8TG tomorrow! Finally a case of the right size.. gona have to mod it to fit a 360mm XE rad at the bottom but beside that, I'm pretty sure everything else will fit for the dual loop.

                        I was bored today with everything I could do over, I decided to play with some left over tubes and see what it could look like in the x71. Didnt pay attention to length. Just cut them at a approximative size and ended up being almost perfect fit. Wasn't going to look too shabby after all. Going to try to make the second loop with the gpu tomorrow morning before the person who bought the x71 gets here. Click image for larger version

Name:	20210105_183452.jpg
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ID:	93123

                        I don't regret getting the new case and really excited about starting to build in it. I really hope it won't have been damaged in the transportation!


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                          Well... it's been a while since I last updated... finally received the deffinitive case I'm going to use. Did quite some work in it and still not completed..

                          So, first things first. Going to post a couple of picture of the new build and progress over a couple updates. In these 5 first pictures I'm going to show which case and what i will be doing in it...

                          Received that beast last month.. The Thermaltake Core P8 TG.Click image for larger version

Name:	20210106_154212.jpg
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ID:	93258

                          That thing is really beautiful, really big and really heavy! Lots of room in there to do whatever you want... As long as you can do some modding... here another pic of the inside...
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	20210106_184056.jpg
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ID:	93259
                          As you can see, lots of space! The build quality is also very impressive. Best quality I've seen from TT actually. There's room for 4 radiator. But one flaw. The holes for the screws are not placed to allow it. I still managed to do it with my new Dewalt drill mess and a dremell tho!

                          Next is the back of this case. One of the best part of it as I'm going to show...
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	20210106_185538.jpg
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ID:	93260
                          yup! Isn't it beautiful? First, that case is built to be wall mounted.. So yeah, they had to make it good quality for that. Every parts of that case are modular, really sturdy and real heavy! 50 pounds with nothing inside! Of course, if you wana mount it to a wall, your gona need the right screws but also not install too much stuff in it. Obviously, it's not my case so no wall mounting sadly. The bracket can be removed and gives more room for cables.. speaking of which... cable management is a real pain in that case. As you can see, there almost no holes to pass the cables from inside to this side. And the few holes there is are very small. There is 18 fan slots on that case so they should've made more pass-through. But anyways, nothing a dremell can't do here.. whats really nice tho, that part is really deep. Like 50mm. So I installed a 480mm radiator on that side along with 2×Commander pro and 4 rgb hub!

                          So anyways, let's move on with the build... first pic of work in progress and testing.. Click image for larger version

Name:	20210106_222810.jpg
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ID:	93261
                          So I installed the motherboard and the PSU. Sadly the psu can only be mounted like that which prevented me from installing a radiator at the bottom. I had to mod one of the bracket to hold the PSU horizontally. The other bracket is unusable like that. Installed a 360/60mm EK Coolstream XE radiator in push/pull. Used a bracket on 1 fan, installed the PSU on it, screwed the modded bracket on the case and placed big velcro between the PSU and the motherboard tray. Will craft a new bracket once I get my 3d printer but for now it holds in place quite well.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	20210108_144344.jpg
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ID:	93262
                          Yup! 24 fans total with the PSU!!! Imagine the cable management for this! Let me tell you, it was a real pain in the ass for the reasons I mentioned higher up!

                          More updates to come!


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210114_184748.jpg
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ID:	93265 More update! Installing windows as I'm typing this.. here's a few pics of the work in progress...
                            Yup. I have white and black fans. Had a deal on those white QL fans I could not refuse but luckily, it will fit the theme lol. Click image for larger version

Name:	20210110_184019.jpg
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ID:	93266 like I've said, I temporarily modded the psu bracket. At first I had the fan facing up but issue to connect the power cable in it so I had to put the fan down. Yes I have one fan of the rad lined up with it but after testing no issue with heat. Also had to switch the rear fan orientation!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210108_180556.jpg
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ID:	93267
                            another flaw... top radiator is to close to the motherboard so power cables get in the way. Ideally, you'd need to make new holes for screws. I managed to place the cables between the radiator ports and looks fine. No pics tho!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210115_091459.jpg
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Size:	111.0 KB
ID:	93268 getting there... bottom fans.. ran out of filters so improvised will order some from Daz soon!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210115_112831.jpg
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Size:	53.9 KB
ID:	93269
                            Haha yes it's just a silicone insert... but the right size to go with Bitspower 14mm tubes Daz is selling which is 11mm ID!

                            More soon to show!
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                              Salut !
                              Nice to see a nice big case being done right like this ! Im more of an SFF guy myself but I can appreciate the work you are doing on this. Keep us updated.


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                                Originally posted by Try2TopDat View Post
                                Salut !
                                Nice to see a nice big case being done right like this ! Im more of an SFF guy myself but I can appreciate the work you are doing on this. Keep us updated.
                                Thanks a lot. It's really appreciated! I don't pretend to be the best at it, far from it haha but I don't have access to many tools anymore unlike many of the people competing in the modding competitions. Kinda unfair to compete against people who are sponsored too in many other competitions but I'm proud to say I'm putting lots of efforts, time and money into that present for my nephew. Got much farther into the build so going to update more soon.. positive comments like yours really help feel I don't completely suck at it lol.