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  • David's V3000+ Build

    Currently getting 4.5 Ghz from an old i7-3770k cpu. This is on a second hand board I purchased via Ali Express cuz the original ASUS mobo did not permit overclocking.

    I have been waiting for technology to catch up so upgrading to a new cpu would be worthwhile financially. I am only interested in the fastest clock speed (IPC) for a single core. I only need a handful of cores. I don't need a threadripper and I don't even need blazing GPUs. I do run six monitors so probably two gpu cards, but I don't even stress them enough to make their fans turn on so I am not planning to watercool them.

    The CPU will be highly watercooled with probably three rads.

    Here is a pic of a chop saw with a model 390 dremel for cutting pmma.

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    I am outgrowing the current PC. When I overclocked the 3770k I added a Corsair 240mm AIO. Initially I had the rad mounted inside the case in a push pull config. But I decided I preferred the rad on top of the case. A neighbor had a piece of angle iron about a foot long so that is what the AIO rad is attached to. Works great.


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      I hung three monitors from a shelf which is in turn suspended from the ceiling. One monitor is on the fritz. In addition, I have three monitors sitting on a desk. This creates a lot of wires to manage.

      Anyways, after trying to make minor mods to my ssd drives I dislike small cases a lot.

      I am patiently waiting for Liam Li to release the V3000 in May 2022 hopefully. The other big cases on the market seem to be a few years old and are heavy and expensive. The new V3000 will have more airflow and aluminum and be easier on the pocketbook.